Sunday, August 12, 2018

Taking Time To Enjoy The Little Things

It's always a good idea to take a break from life and just enjoy the little things, as that is what life is about.  It's not always the big events that create the best memories.  Sometimes it's the small ones that make the most impact.  Whether it's going go-karting or just taking time to enjoy a day at the park horseback riding or canoeing on a lake, it's spending quality time together that counts.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Feeling Stretched

It's been about a month and a half since my nephews arrived in Costa Rica to spend their summer vacation with us and I have to admit, I am feeling a bit worn out.  I am that mom, the one who enjoys planning fun outings for the kids, shuffling the children back and forth to their after school activities and making life run just a little more on the smooth side when it comes to making sure everything is ok and everyone's basic needs are met.  Add 2 more kids to that equation and I am feeling the burn out.

I love having my nephews here and they are experiencing so many new adventures and learning so much.  And it's a benefit for my kids to have my side of the family to interact with on a more frequent basis.  I grew up with my cousins and my kids just don't get that, so it's nice that they get these 2 months of 'bonding' time. Yes, they also fight and argue and disagree but that's life and you take the good with the bad. 

It's all new territory and we are all trying to navigate the best we can.  I do have more on my plate so to speak and I can adapt to change fairly well.  But I do yearn for the days when we can all go back to our normal lives.  It's a lot to take care of 5 kids and 2 adults day in and day out.  I do it because it's what I do, what I need to do and have to do and most importantly WANT to do.  But I am human and I do feel a bit stretched will need to take a mini break very soon.

Birthday Planning Mode (Sort Of)

It's been a while since we've had so many birthday parties to go to, having to attend three parties in one month alone.  And being at all those parties just put me in the mood for planning one of my own.

I'm actually technically not planning a birthday party, as I am having one planned FOR me.  This month my baby will be 5 years old and to commemorate the day, I wanted to do something fun and a little bit extra special for his 5th birthday.

I am not planning a huge party, as I just don't have the energy for it nor the patience.  But I still wanted something that would set us apart from all the other parties and give my guests something to talk about.  I just wanted to do something different from what I'd done before.  And I wanted to keep it small and simple at the same time.  Best bet was to have the party at a space that included built in fun and entertainment, that way there would be minimum work for me to. 

I usually prefer to plan my own parties due to budget, as I don't like to spend a fortune on parties anymore.  Plus I love getting creative with all my DIY elements.  But I have been known to go overboard and my decorations alone can cost a ton not to mention goody bags and prizes for all the games I have to plan to keep the kids entertained.  And then there's all the prep work that goes into an at-home party with all the decorating, the set up and the clean up afterwards.  Having the party at a party space will cost more money but I won't have to worry about games, prizes, decorating or any of the work that usually goes into one of my parties.  And goody bags can be simple as I am keeping the guest list small, with a maximum 25-30 people.  My sanity will still be intact way after the party has ended.

I had a few options to choose from as far as what kind of party I wanted for my little prince.  I searched options for bowling, mini golf, skating, and even an art party.  Eventually we all, and I mean the entire family including the birthday boy, decided on a trampoline park party.  It'll be a short 2 hour party, which is fine by me, with a maximum of 12 kids and 10-15 adults.  I decided on the basic package which doesn't include much else but the party room for an hour and an hour of jumping with a few extras like balloon decor and plateware. 

I will have to provide food, the pinata and goody bags.  But for not having to actually plan the party myself and having built in entertainment, I am very OK with that.  I will keep the food simple and easy to transport, like hotdogs and sandwiches, cupcakes and a few treats for the kiddos.    When all is said and done, this party will still be on the budget friendly side and that is just how I like to keep it.

Attending kids' parties always make me want to plan my own and I love all the fun ideas I can incorporate into a DIY party.  But I think I'll do a ready made party this time and think about going back to my original style of planning next year.  With the kids getting older, they prefer doing something fun as opposed to having a party but we decided to host parties next year for all 3. 

I have a few pictures of the last party we went to, a Moana Hawaiian theme, that set my brain in party planning motion. For your enjoyment:

Friday, July 13, 2018

Doing All The Fun Things While On Vacation

Honestly, two weeks is just not enough time off.  While I look forward to the kids going back to school and getting back into our routine and our normal activities,  the two weeks off just flew by and I feel like it wasn't much time off at all.

We did make the most of our vacation, doing all the fun things like going to the museum, bowling and even a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party.  And we all had a blast.  It was a lot of running around and go go go but I loved almost every minute of it.  Of course when dealing with kids,  life can get a bit stressful especially when you add as many kids to the mix as I have this summer.  But again, being out and about proved to more fun than just being at home.