Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Time We Went Minigolfing

This was all the way back in August, which feels like a lifetime ago now but I still wanted to make a blog post about it because it was such a fun day and something budget friendly to do as a family. 

Did I Forget?

With all the birthday prep for my son's 10th birthday and travel prep for my Boston trip, I must have forgotten to post a blog of my daughter's big band presentation for Costa Rica's independence day.  It was a great day and my daughter's first band experience, which made it all the more wonderful.

Also, my little mister was in his first independence day presentation and I just have to share.

An Excuse To Get Away

Back in September, before my Boston trip, we decided to celebrate my 10 year old son's birthday at the famous hot springs town of San Carlos, La Fortuna.  It was really an excuse to get way and for us to spend some quality time as a family before I headed to the states for my little 'mommy vacation'.

And then we just had to celebrate at school with all my son's classmates with the traditional semi homemade cupcakes. 

Celebrating Halloween

Costa Rica did it BIG this year and I am so so proud.  When it came to Halloween events for kids this year, there was an over abundance to choose from.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to have so many options this year.

There were so many events to choose from I had a hard time picking which event to take the kids to, which was a first.  Usually we have one event and that is good enough for us, as in years past there were few or no Halloween events for kids.  But this year, the activities ranged from Halloween contests to trick or treating at a few different malls as well as Halloween themed parties and crafty events.  And just about every single event was FREE!  Also, for the first year ever, there was a Halloween trick or treat event ON Halloween.  My kids would finally get to celebrate Halloween on the actual day for the very first time ever in Costa Rica.  That was exciting!

The best event this year, as far as trick or treating, was at San Pedro Mall where my kids made out like bandits with a TON of candy.  They got so much loot.  More candy than they could possibly eat in a year. As far as costumes, we kept them simple as always, with a lot of DIY elements.  My daughter's costume was by far the most popular and she did it all by herself. But my boys got their fair share of attention as well.  It was just the best Halloween!

                                                   Mall San Pedro

                                  Zombie Cheerleader, Ninja, Sheriff

      Then on October 31st, we headed to Escazu Village to celebrate Halloween
     Not sure what this costume is but another it was another attention grabbing DIY

                            Alien, Scary Unicorn and Robin

                           Photo Op with the Mad Hatter