Sunday, September 26, 2021

We're Down To The Wire Now (Bathroom Renovation)

 We're about one week out from being 100 percent finished with our master bathroom renovation project and we're all pretty excited. Our contractor will be completing all the last minute projects, like the ceiling and finishing up a few final touches like the mirror and bathroom accessories. The bathroom went from looking like a construction site to a luxurious spa like retreat in less than 2 months. 

Budget wise, we definitely weren't prepared for just how much materials would cost. Pandemic pricing is real and on top of that, I seem to have an eye and a taste for expensive finishes. Our floors, tile and countertop really pushed us above our budget. Not to mention, certain items I preferred because of the style or color was a lot more expensive than the standard bathroom fare. As it turns out, even simple black or dark bronze fixtures are considered top of the line in Costa Rica and come at a premium, sometimes costing double or even triple.

All the stress and worry and running around will all be worth it in the end once we get to enjoy our beautiful, luxurious master bathroom. Here's to praying we can start the remodel on the rest of the house soon, as the bathroom is going to look so out of place in this old house.

The sinks I chose. I decided to go with a square design 

The vanity light fixtures we went with

This was a last minute decision I made to have the tile laid in this pattern for a more wood floor look 

The very pricey drawer pulls in a dark bronze finish

I decided on this contemporary door for the water closet, and eventually for the rest of the house. I just love the modern style and clean lines.

Our very expensive kalacatta quartz vanity countertop

Literally obsessed with our floors. Planning on installing these floors throughout the house.


Not much left to do now, we are almost done!!!!

A Low Key Birthday Plus Fun Surprise

 It's my birthday, the last birthday to be celebrated in our family for the year. And this year, I opted for a low key celebration. I really just wanted to go out to eat (at Olive Garden) and have some cake,  both of which I was able to do. 

My special surprise from the Olive Garden staff

I am just so thankful for my many blessings that I really didn't need much this year. Of course,  I wanted to celebrate but in a much more low key way. Being at home with my family was everything I could ask for on my special day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Crying Over Spilled...Milk?

 You know how the saying goes, the one in the title? We all know it's not a literal phrase but more of a figurative explanation for making a big deal over nothing. 

Well, yesterday I was crying, kind of, over spilled milk. I didn't actually bawl my eyes out and I didn't actually spill any milk but I was teary eyed and on the brink of a major melt down over the linen closet.

Yes, you heard that right. I cried over a linen closet. So let me explain. As in my previous blog, I explained that we are currently building our dream master bathroom and it's coming up on the last few days left in the construction process.

I have communicated every little detail to our contractor with photos, the best explanations I can manage with my broken Spanish and even a Sims mock up example of what I want. This bathroom is costing us an arm and five legs so we want what we want. As they say, do it right the first time; do it once and do it right.

With a detailed photo and my explanation in hand, I thought the contractor got the idea of what we wanted for our linen closet. I mean linen closets are pretty self explanatory right? Except in a place like Costa Rica, where linen closets are pretty much unheard of and not common at all.

He understood that we wanted a piece of furniture made to put in our bathroom as kind of a "makeshift" closet, if you will. Even after all my explanation and photos and mock up, that was what he took away from our numerous conversations. Granted, there is a language barrier as my Spanish isn't as polished and he doesn't speak or understand English but I thought we understood each other on some level.

When I found out what he ordered for our linen closet, I was devastated. After everything, I wasn't going to get what I really wanted and would have to settle for a furniture piece instead of an actual closet. I knew the building process could be stressful and I knew we would hit a few road blocks. Issues and misunderstandings are bound to arise. Like with the flooring, making a last minute change in the placement that saved my sanity.

 But this particular misunderstanding really pushed me to the edge. To give our contractor credit, he wanted to fix the issue and come up with a solution that would make me happy. And maybe the solution would have been nice but I just really wanted that linen closet.

This is what I wanted and the original photo I showed to the contractor with a detailed explanation 

The following photos are ideas of linen closets I was willing to settle for if possible, without the drawers of course.

Of course I complained to hubby, who came in like a knight in shining armor and saved the day. After a much detailed conversation, we are now able to hopefully get the linen closet I wanted and at a cheaper cost. Updates to follow as we head into the home stretch of our bathroom renovation. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Real Life Video Game

 Like most kids his age, my son has become obsessed with FortNite, the videgame that has pretty much dominated the gaming industry for years now.  So since he loves the game so much, I thought it would be a neat idea to have a party that sort of mimics the idea of FortNite.  

He's never done paintball before and now that he is old enough to participate, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for him to show off his shooting skills video game style in the paintball arena.  Just like a video game, you have to learn stealth tactics, know how to aim and shoot and try to win win win. A paintball party was the perfect idea for a fun 13th birthday party.

However, before we could get to his party, we celebrated his birthday with a nice dinner at the restaurant of his choice, a mall shopping spree and cake and ice cream at home.  

This is the stuff of memories and these are the moments memories are made of.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Best Time Ever

 Finally being able to host an official party in these pandemic times has never proven easier than my son's 8th birthday party at the trampoline adventure park. The party was a blast and everyone had the best time. And bonus for him, he got some super awesome gifts as well.

For me, I was just happy to be able give my baby the party he wanted and that he was able to celebrate with his close friends and family on his actual birthday.