Friday, March 30, 2012

Wedding News

Like many little girls, I have dreamt of my wedding day for years. I pictured what I would look like, what I would wear, how I would do my hair, the cake and the shoes. I had dreams of my wedding day even before I knew what the groom would look like. I had been to a few weddings and I took ideas from them what I wanted to incorporate in my wedding one day, locking those ideas in a corner of my brain reserved for all things wedding.

After I met Hubby, I knew I would get married to him and I jumped head first into planning my dream wedding. I even had a wedding book, with pictures of hair, dress, cake, and makeup ideas, among other things. I wanted a 30 person wedding party. Ice sculpture. A horse and carriage fit for a princess. I wanted it all, and in my dreams, I would get it.

However, reality has set in and my dream wedding is a little less dreamy. First off, I have grown up, gotten a little wiser and some of the things I wanted then, I think a bit silly now (like an ice sculpture). Also, actually planning a wedding is different than writing down ideas and tearing photos out of a wedding book. All those photos and ideas come with a price tag, some bigger than my tiny budget will allow.

Also, getting married in Costa Rica is a little different experience (I am guessing as I never tried to actually plan a wedding in the States). First off, the language thing is still a barrier. Trying to convey to people what I want in Spanish does not translate well. I tried to explain to a coordinator at a wedding venue that I wanted escort cards instead of the paper page they print up with names of guests/table numbers and she completely misunderstood me... I just could not get her to understand what I was saying.

There are lots of wedding venues, however, that offer all inclusive wedding packages that include everything from a DJ to the cake. There are venues that allow you to just rent their space. And there are venues that include the space with tables and chairs. Finding the right venue depends on the look and feel that I am going for and my budget.

Budget: this is tough. I don't have one. But I know how much I can and CANNOT spend on the wedding. While I want my dream wedding, I know I have to make compromises to make it happen. After all, I already have my dream guy!

What Hubby and I want is a big party and for our guests to have fun. What we don't want is to spend thousands of dollars on one day, with little details that no one will end up remembering afterwards. We don't want the stress and we don't want the headaches that come with wedding planning. We just want all the fun. So stay tuned for all things wedding!

Did 'Ya Miss Me?

It's been a while. Boy do I miss blogging but I have gotten so lazy about it. My posts are so sporadic nowadays. I hate that. And it's not like I don't have time, I have loads of time to blog, I just spend my time elsewhere on the web and get so pre-occupied. I guess I figured I could get away with not blogging often because I don't have a huge following, which was something I wanted to fix. But I promise to blog more... after-all, it does help with my writing.

There is so much going on and so much to report that is new in my life. My son, my oldest son (Boobie) turned 12 this past Wednesday (March 28). At 12 years old, he is almost my height and is in full blown teen mode. We didn't do much to mark his special day. All he wanted was to go to his favorite restaurant to eat: Applebees. I almost ruined his day but it all turned out great. We went to dinner at Applebees. Then we celebrated with cake and ice-cream at home. His grandpa got him TV accessories for his room and grandma is gifting him her 19" flatscreen TV. I gave him some pocket cash for the weekend. I am hoping we can go have some paintball fun, something he's wanted to do for a while now. I will post pics this weekend (I promise.)

Also new is what I have been so occupied with. I am planning a wedding!!! My very own wedding!!! Hubby and I are getting married. I know some people, when I announced the news on Facebook, thought we were already married (and in our minds and hearts, we are). But not legally married. So we thought, after almost 14 years and 3 kids, why not go that extra step and make it a legally binding union in the eyes of the law (God has other eyes ;)

So yeah, this blog will inadvertently turn into a wedding blog as I go through the planning process, which is fun (as I had expected) but oh so worry-some (not what I had expected).

I hope to get on at least once a week... to give my ideas, updates and any other wedding news. And since this is a puravida mommy blog, I'll be letting folks know what it's like getting married in Costa Rica (thankfully cheaper than in the states, but not by much).