Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Baby's 5th Birthday Party

So much thought went into planning my little boy's party but I really didn't have to do much planning at all.  We decided this year to have his 5th birthday party at a trampoline park which proved to be a really awesome decision.  Everyone that attended the party had a blast and all I had to do was show up with a few decor and some food for my guests. 

I kept the decor simple as the party space was already decorated for me.  And as for food, I kept that simple as well.  All the food had to be portable and easy to eat, no utensils required.  So I had hotdogs for the kids and sandwiches for the adults with a few extra snacks and treats to mix things up.  Goody bags were a hit and the personalized water bottles were not only cute but handy as well. It was such a fun day and I am glad we decided on having the party at a trampoline park than having it at home.  It was more expensive but so much less work as all the planning was done for me and there was built in entertainment for all the kids.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Second Mother's day Celebrations

I am pretty lucky if I say so myself.  Not only do I get to celebrate Mother's Day in May but I also get to celebrate Mother's Day again in August.  Two Mother's Day celebrations is just too much and I don't want to be greedy but it just so happens that Costa Rica's official Mother's Day is on August 15 and I can't refuse another day just for me.  After all, most people would say Mother's Day is everyday as moms do so much and deserve the recognition.  So I'll take all the celebrations I can get.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Taking Time To Enjoy The Little Things

It's always a good idea to take a break from life and just enjoy the little things, as that is what life is about.  It's not always the big events that create the best memories.  Sometimes it's the small ones that make the most impact.  Whether it's going go-karting or just taking time to enjoy a day at the park horseback riding or canoeing on a lake, it's spending quality time together that counts.