Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Baby Shower

This post is quite a bit late but oh well, here it is anyway.  Two months after baby A's birth, here are pictures from my baby shower.  Enjoy!

Decor: tissue pom poms

Favors: boxes of sweet treats



Mom to Be

My little Princess

The guests

The gifts

The food: Arroz con Pollo, refried beans, salad and potato chips

The kids


Mother in laws friend and fellow hostess

The hostesses

More gifts

My group of mom friends

Presents time

JC Turned 5

In the midst of all the craziness of me having a baby, adjusting to new life as a mom of 4 and trying to find a routine that works for everyone, we celebrated JC's 5th birthday on September 16.  It wasn't anything large, just immediate family and cake.  I had planned on throwing my former Fatty a smallish party for his birthday but then everyone got sick: me, Hubby and Baby A.  So a party was no bueno.  Poor JC.  But on his birthday he was so super happy.  He got awesome gifts and his face just lit up when we all sang him "Happy Birthday".

The Birthday Boy

Silly Kids

Wearing the hat his sister made for him.. so sweet!

Just look at my little boy's face... he was so HAPPY!

Excited for cake

A few weeks later I hosted a lunch,sort of a belated birthday party, for my mom friends and their kids (JC's friends from his early stimulation class) and he thoroughly enjoyed himself.