Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inbio Parque

The famous Inbio Parque is Costa Rica's Biodiversity park, where children and adults alike learn about the earth, it's habitants and it's natural resources among other things.

Located in the Heredia province of San Jose, the park is filled with acres and acres of learning fun: animals, plants, and even a theater featuring an educational movie.

As with most attractions, one day will not suffice to see all that the park has to offer (lucky for us, we've been about 3 times).  We went recently again so the kids could get out the house (they're on vacation.)


Relax, I did not go DIY crazy... or maybe I sort of did.  But it's all good.  Like I said before, I knew I didn't want to do too much more than I could handle.  I also knew that the DIY projects had to be MUCH less expensive than the already made store products.  So far, I did good.  Most of my DIY was way below anything I could have found in a store (and were sometimes free).  

Our 'rustic' looking sign.  I wasn't going to for rustic really but I still like it.  This sign was pretty much free (got the wood from a stockpile already owned by mother in law and the blue crayon from P's collection).  I decided to make this at the last minute just in case my 4 year old nephew comes to the wedding.  I need to have some sort of role for him in the wedding. He'll wear it around his neck to announce my arrival.

Petal and Programs baskets

Personalized ribbon for each basket

Sweet Love banner for the candy buffet table.

 I did a couple more projects and may attempt a few more.  I know all my personal touches will add a unique air to my wedding.  And I know my guests will appreciate that.