Sunday, August 30, 2020

How Was Our Beach Vacation?

 As you may know, if you read my previous vacation planning post, we recently went to the beach as a family for a mini getaway.  Planning a vacation during quarantine can be very tricky but we made the most of the situation because we just really wanted to go to the beach.

First off, the actual hotel was fine.  There were a few bumps that we had to overcome but overal the experience wasn't too bad. Due to Covid, the restaurant in the hotel was closed, which meant our included buffet breakfast was cancelled. We were given vouchers by the hotel, however, to a restaurant in town, literally 5 minutes away, for breakfast for both days of our stay,  Unfortunately I lost the voucher tickets for our second day and so didn't get breakfast at that particular restaurant. Also, while the food was good when we went to the restaurant our first full day at the hotel, the portions left much to be desired by some. Hubby inhaled his kid sized breakfast in seconds and our friends weren't 100 percent satisfied with the service. Needless to say, so no one went back the second day.

                                                 Beach Break Resort, Jaco Beach 


The hotel staff seemed friendly enough given the situation but customer service was not the best.  And the rooms were very simple.  The beds were comfortable and the room was spacious enough but I guess I expected more from a hotel resort.  Honestly, if we weren't in quaranite, this would have been the perfect hotel for our family.  There were 4 pools, a tennis court and a pool table. And the property was beautiful.  The beach however was not too friendly and so even though the hotelis located on the beach we opted to head to a nicer part of the beach in town.

Overall, the experience was good.  We were able to get away for a couple of nights and enjoy some time at the beach.  The weather on our second day was glorious and being on the beach was amazing.  Our trip was uneventlful and being with friends made it even better.  But I cannot wait to plan another trip after quaranine is over.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Stuck In A Bubble

I know I live in a fantasy world sometimes, a world that exists only in my own mind. It's a place I can escape to, especially when life gets to be too hard.  This world keeps me sheltered and in a bubble and sometimes unaware of the real world around me.  In my bubble, life is great.  Actually life is not only great, it's damn near perfect. And in my bubble, the only limits I have to what I want is my imagination. In my world, we have no financial worries or troubles.  Anything we want, we get and we spread the love to others.  We have the house of our dreams, the car of our desires and travel isn't a wish it's a reality.  

But although my fantasy life is wonderful, I have to admit that my real life is also pretty amazing as well.  I honestly cannot complain, especially in these trying times.  Knowing everything that's going on right now, I am truly blessed with the life we have.  We have money to pay our bills.  Hubby still has his job for now and we have a house and a car.  Life may not be perfect but it's perfectly wonderful as we have so much to be thankful for.

I sometimes forget how little others have because we get so caught up in showing off and keeping up with everyone else .  While dreaming for even more, I have to remind myself how nice my real life must seem to someone who doesn't have as much.  People have been homeless and jobless and starving for years, it's nothing new.  And I try to help in any way I can.  But with this Covid 19 pandemic, all the troubles of the world has multiplied and even more people are homeless, jobless and starving.  Hundreds have lost their jobs, their homes and are finding it difficult to feed their families.  Basic necessities aren't being met and it makes me sad.  So while I have my life to be thankful for, I recognize the hardships others are facing and try to find ways to help.  My bubble might keep me in a fantasy world sometimes but when I leave, I ask for help for those in need.  I look forward to a much happier tomorrow filled with hope and promise.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Planning The Perfect Quarantine Birthday Party

 It's birthday time again, which rolls around quite often for me due to having four kids and birthday time usually means planning some kind of celebration.  Whether it's a huge party, a fun adventure or a weekend trip away, some planning usually goes down when it comes to birthdays around here.  

If it's a party, I am typically elbow deep in the planning process by now, writing my guest list and making and sending invitations.  I would have already searched the web for party ideas related to my theme, had some sort of menu in mind and mapped out how I want to set up the decorations. The venue would be set and prepaid for and my room would be over-run with party essentials.  I would be a little stressed but having a blast at the same time.  Party planning is fun for me and the actual party itself is usually a huge hit because of my careful and diligent planning process.

If it's a fun adventure, there really isn't much planning involved. As the kids get older, they tend to prefer a fun experience of their choosing like heading to the roller skating rink or the trampoline park followed by dinner at their favorite restaurant.  Of course, I would still try to do something extra special like put up a few balloons or some other decorative accents for the day. Then we would end the celebration at home with cake and a song.

If we end up taking a birthday trip, there is some planning involved, just of a different kind.  Hubby and I would research hotels and fun activities to do with the birthday child at their vacation destination of choice.  These are the kinds of celebrations hubby prefers as it's not only a celebration for the birthday child but a fun family bonding experience as well.

And no matter which type of celebration we choose, I also like to do something extra for the kids at school.  With the teacher's permission, I usually bake a few cupcakes and include the entire class in a quick birthday celerbation for each of my children, while they still let me.  It's fun for them, feeling extra loved on their birthday and it's fun for their friends getting to share in their day.

This year, birthdays have been even more low key than normal.  I have done my best making the day that much more special,  catering each celebration unique to the child. But with my two oldest, that was easy.  With my 6 years old's birthday coming up, he has been looking forward to a party and that just isn't really possible.  So to make up for that, I have decided to have an intimate gathering at home, giving him the party he wants just on a much smaller scale. 

We've picked the theme and I've chosen the color scheme.  I've bought a few decorations and will be keeping the food simple by ordering out as there won't be too many people to feed.  And as for cost, since I won't have a large guest list, I won't be spending money on goody bags, favors or professional entertainment.  Planning the perfect quarantine birthday party is challenging but it can be done. My little prince will have his special day and I get to plan the perfect celebration despite the circumstances.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Lets Try This Again

Hubby finally gave in, the pull was just too strong and we are giving it another go.  If at first you don't suceed, try and try again, right?  So we have booked another beach vacation and hopefully we make it to the beach this time.

Laws are still changing weekly so we have to take the new rules and restrictions into account but we are hopeful and hubby is much more excited this time around.  We are going with a few of our friends and their families so it'll be a nice size group of us, which will kick things up a notch on the fun quotient.  

Hubby did the searching this time around and booked a really nice hotel resort with a sizeable pool for the kids to basically live in while we're there.  And the hotel resort is right on the beach so that means waking up to the sound of distant waves and a short enough walk to enjoy all of natures watery beauty.  I cannot wait to go.

Here's to an amazing long awaited family beach getaway.  Fingers crossed we actually get our vacation this time.