Sunday, May 30, 2021

My New Wedding Set Upgrade

 It's been 8 years since we got married but 22 years of being on this roller coaster I call love. I could not ask for more out of a relationship because I get so much more than I give. Hubby is the most amazing man and so that is why I feel I get so much more than I feel like I deserve.

When hubby and I got married, I said I do with my beautiful $200 ring. It was everything I wanted in the price range we could afford. It was a halo setting in white gold and it sparkled like nothing I had ever owned. It was small and it was dainty, perfect for my slender fingers.

Over the years, I yearned for a bigger ring. Something more substantial and a little better quality. Not to mention, I no longer had a wedding band. The stainless steel wedding band I had ordered for cheap online didn't last and so I knew I wanted a new one.

I also just wanted to have something better. I wanted something bigger and more sparkly that had more worth. Bottom line, I wanted an upgrade. And hubby was more than happy to appease me. 

I am obsessed with my new wedding ring upgrade. It's not only much bigger at 2 full carats of diamond in a 10k white gold setting but it's also gorgeous. This is the most expensive and most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever owned. And not to mention how it sparkles! I am over the moon, the sun and the stars.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Far From Normal?

 I don't watch the news, so it makes it easier to stay oblivious in my little bubble. However, I do get fed the  news on occasion in small dosis on my social media pages, like Facebook, Youtube and Yahoo mail. In this capacity, I'm able to filter what and how much I choose to watch, listen to or read. 

The news distorts and uses fear tactics. They lie and manipulate. So by choosing how much information I intake, it helps my sanity and keeps me from freaking out too much.

Recently there has been a lot of talk on the latest spike in Covid cases in Costa Rica. Apparently it's bad, like the worse it has ever been and people are scared. The vaccine is currently available but not enough doses to go around and the government is trying to figure out how to get a handle on the new wave of coronavirus outbreaks. 

Not that I'm sitting over here in my happy little bubble worried at all. But with fear comes a whole lot of issues and it's the subsequent issues that worry me. I am hoping we get a handle on this virus enough to ease people's fears and calm the masses.  

If it's the vaccine people want then let them have it, without brute force of course. If we need to wear masks a little while longer, I'm on board as long as there is an end in sight. And if events still need to be postponed, then go ahead and postpone them temporarily.

What I am against, however, is shutting down businesses, mandating driving restrictions and curfews. We can be safe and get a handle on this situation without disrupting or destroying people's lives. Being compassionate and sensible is the way we go back to normal.

Monday, May 10, 2021

My Perfect Mother's Day

 I don't requiere much when it comes to my own celebrations. At this stage in my life, I tend to prefer more lowkey affairs.   So for Mother's Day this year, all I wanted was a day off. 

A day off from cooking. A day off from doing the dishes. Just a day off from my normal mommy duties.  That's really all I wanted. 

So to fulfill my wish, we ordered Chinese food for dinner from one of our favorite Asian fusion restaurants. And to top it off, my kids washed up all the dishes so I wouldn't have to. Of course, I had to ask but it was a nice little gift that I appreciated more than any store bought present. To make the day even more amazing, I was able to chill in bed for a majority of my Mother's day. Life just could not get better than that. Oh, and let me not forget how sweet my youngest was by picking me some hydrangeas in the morning. Let's just say, I love my life as a mom.

Monday, May 3, 2021

14 Years Old And Living Her Best Life

 On April 26th, my only daughter celebrated her 14th birthday. I really wanted to mark this momentous and truly special occasion the best way I could, with some sort of celebration.

We couldn't do much in the way of a party but we did the most and it was amazing. Not only did we take her on the most epic vacation, she also got a shopping spree at the mall and a day at the formula kart go karts which culminated with some fine dining at Olive Garden. I'd say she had a great birthday and I think she would agree.

The day before her birthday, we went ziplining through the jungles of La Fortuna Arenal, which was amazing.

On her actual birthday, I took her to the mall on a little Forever 21 shopping spree and to Spoons so she could pick out a special cake to mark the occasion.

To finish up her birthday week, she decided on go karting and Olive Garden. It was a super special, really fun and pretty memorable birthday celebration fit for a princess. 


The Most Epic Vacation

 It's May but lets back track to April and talk about our amazing family vacation. It was a two part adventure, first to Tamarindo beach where we stayed in the most spectacular beachfront hotel and went on an epic ATV tour.

Then we headed to La Fortuna Arenal San Carlos for the second leg of our vacation where we lived it up in the Tabacon and Baldi hot springs and had the best time ziplining through the jungle. 

We did so much on this vacation, from jet skiing and off roading to zip lining  and hiking 1000 steps to a waterfall.  It was a truly memorable vacation, absolutely epic.