Sunday, February 28, 2021

New Bed, New Room

 After years of thinking about it and talking about it, we finally bought our 7 year old son his first real bed with a real mattress. It has taken us this long to get him a big boy bed and comfortable mattress for his room. Talk about finally getting a good night's sleep.

Just yesterday, we built his bed and rearranged his furniture to give his room a brand new look and he could not have been more excited. I even had new sheets waiting for him, Jurassic world sheets I bought at the mall. 

My baby finally has a big boy room to call his own, a comfy mattress to sleep on and a bed he can grow into as he gets older. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Valentine's Day Treats

 It was a day like any other except that maybe the food was extra bomb and there were more treats to be had. Valentine's day was not that much different than a regular day and that was fine by me.

I do like to acknowledge the day because it's fun. In recent years, hubby and I have gone out on date night and exchanged gifts. I've even done the Valentine's gift exchange with the kid's classmates and given my kids a special treat to mark the occasion.

This year, we kept it simple as per usual and stayed home. But I did get the kids some pizza and garlic parmesan bread sticks from Papa Johns.

I also gave them their special Valentine's day gift, an m&m chocolate bar each. I even made a special dinner, a delicious meal of Jamaican style oxtails and rice and peas. It was a pretty low key day but a memorable day for sure.

Hubby even got me a gift and the kids and I watched a bit of the Charlie Brown Valentine's Day special. 

It was the perfect no fuss family day, simple and fun. Just the way I like to celebrate. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Super Bowl Sunday

 I'm not a huge football fan.  Not in the true sense of the word. I don't follow the entire NFL season nor do I keep tabs on the crucial players. 

I really only prefer to watch the big game because of all the different elements that go into it from the comercials to the halftime show. And I only really like watching if I'm interested in the teams that are playing. 

This year I only watched the super bowl because the former Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, was playing. This man took the Patriots to great heights and then turned around and took another team to the biggest game of the year. He is the GOAT and I had to watch to see if he could do what he does best, which is win. And he sure enough did.

Also, since it was kind of a special day I wanted to sort of celebrate the way I know how; with food.