Friday, June 8, 2012

With This Ring....

So I finally got my engagement ring.  FINALLY!  So here was the deal with the ring.

Hubby is not at all interested in jewelry (except for the kind you get at the beach: shell necklaces and bracelets, etc).  So after years of trying to get him to look at rings I liked, I just gave up and started looking by myself.  Every time I would find one I liked, I'd ask his opinion and his answer would always be: if you like it get it.  Yeah, very romantic.  But I figure that was better for me because then I could get a ring I would love.  

The search was exhaustive.  Like, truly.  I had a few criteria I had to meet. First, the ring could not be too expensive.  I have more important things to spend my money on than a ring.  Second, it did not have to be a diamond (for many reasons: ethical and budget). There are so many beautiful and sparkly alternatives out there and plus I had a diamond ring that got stolen so there went a lot of money down the drain.  Third, it had to be unique.  Too many women wearing the same exact ring already.  With those criteria in mind, I went off looking.  

I finally found a ring I liked but I took my time and kept the search going.  The more I went back to look at this ring though, the more I really liked it.  It was almost perfect.  Not only was it in my budget, it was also pretty unique (not the typical solitaire).

So after much discussion with Hubby, we got it.  It is MY ring and I have to wear it so it was pretty much my decision.  Plus like I stated before, hubby could care less about the ring. We are pretty nontraditional people already anyway I guess.  However, I still wanted some kind of proposal, so after weeks of anticipation, Hubby gave me the ring today and officially asked me to marry him.

After I got my engagement ring, the rest of the ring situation fell into place.  I took hubby to get his ring (which I spotted at an outlet type mall one day by chance).  We'd been 'shopping' online looking for rings hubby would like and lucked out with a better ring for a better price without the shipping charges.  After Hubby got his ring, I ordered my band off ebay.  I love all our rings and cannot wait for the wedding.

Now, the best part about our rings: they are all very inexpensive, so if we want to upgrade or switch out, it can be done for not a lot of money.  So without further adieu, my engagement ring:

Now I need to get my nails done so I can properly showcase this baby!  I love my ring and cannot stop looking at it.