Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Princess's Party

Well I am kind of done with parties, at least for now. With Boobie and Princess having back to back birthdays, less than a month apart, lets just say March and April can get a little hectic for me. Don't get me wrong, I love a party. I love planning parties and I love to cook for and eat at parties. I love having that day to enjoy with good friends and close family. Plus my kids get a day just for them; a special day where everyone is there to celebrate their birth. They get their own celebration and I think that is wonderful!

But no matter how much I love parties, I am glad I don't have to think about another birthday or party for a few months. Once August rolls around, I'll get back into party planning mode for Fatty's birthday.

Now for Princess's party, I got the idea to do a Hawaiian theme. She wanted a Princess party (again), so I sorta compromised with her and got her a Little Mermaid pinata (that goes with the Hawaiian, under the sea theme, right?)

I was busy as a bee, planning the menu, getting cake ideas from the internet, buying decorations and favors and prizes for games. And of course, I needed the perfect party spot. I mean, can you have a Hawaiian themed/Little Mermaid Princess party without a pool?

I found the perfect place: Parque del Este in Sabanilla, a suburb nearby. It's actually the next suburb over and the park is about a 10 minute drive from the house. Perfect!!! The best part was the price. For roughly around $50, I could rent the hall in the park for the whole day from 8am until 4 pm. I also paid for each adult to attend the party (park entrance was not included in the hall price). All in all, for the hall and all the adults, I got away with spending less than $100! How cool is that?

Kids had a blast. Adults had fun. And the food was delicious (thanks in part to Hubby's aunt, who cooked up the best Arroz con Pollo you have ever tasted). There was also tuna pasta salad, macaroni and cheese, lettuce salad with dressing, chips, and cole slaw.

The location was amazing, a perfect party spot! The rain finally stopped just in time for the party and the kids were able to enjoy the entire park (well, except for the pool... so much for that, oh well).

As for my Princess, she had a WONDERGUL time... and that was all that mattered!

Princess's birthday, Abril 26

The Little Mermaid Princess Hawaiian Theme Party

Appetizers: cheese cubes with marshmallows, fruit skewers, chips and dip

Mozzarella stick and 'oreo' truffles

Mommy and the birthday princess

The cake and cupcakes...and yes, I made them : )

Parque del Este

The hall

Playing 'hot potato' but with a beach ball

The park

Princess and her preschool friends

Hula girl cake and cupcakes with parasols

A birthday celebration at school