Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby A Is 11 Months Old

Yup, it's been a month and my how the time has flown.  My baby boy is already 11 months old, quickly on his approach to his 1st birthday.  Lucky for me, he has been a joy (minus the crying LOL).  I mean, what baby isn't a cry baby? (Don't answer that).  But, yes, besides the crying, he has been the most wonderful baby.  He is such a treat to hold and hug and kiss.. I cannot stop kissing those rosy cheeks. 

Oh and not to mention how smart my baby is (I know, I know... every mom says that, but he truly is a boy genius).  He is the best mimic.  He can mimic almost everything we say and do.  That's how he learned most of his words like "uh oh" and "oh no" and what sounds like "oh lord" *that one is from yours truly*. 

Anywho, he is also VERY active.  I mean VERY VERY active.  The kid just does not stay still not even when he's asleep.  He has not only learned how to pull himself up to stand using the couch as a support, but he has learned how to pull himself and climb up ONTO the couch.  

I have to admit, it has been terrific having a baby in the house again and being the mommy to an infant is just wonderful.  I love it.  I have my days, of course, of feeling overwhelmed and so dead tired I could literally sleep for a week but I love every minute of my baby and everything he does.  I just wish this stage of baby-hood could last a bit longer... they grow way too fast.  So, without further adieu, here is the star:

First, a few extra pics of him at 10 months old

Yup, climbing up on the box

playing a tune

Just too cool....

And now, his 11 month pictures

Look at that face, how could you NOT love him.  I just cannot believe how fast the time has flown.  I have loved watching him grow, learn and come into his own personality.  I cannot wait to see what's next.