Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amaya's 3rd Birthday

My princess is 3 years old. Where did the time go? *Sniff, sniff*

I am actually very happy to see her grow, the different stages she goes through and how much she has changed. BUT I have not looked at much of her baby photos so I haven't gotten teary eyed yet. So far, so good.

Monday, the 26th of April, we did a small celebration for her (her actual birthday). We had 2 small celebrations to be exact; the first one at playgroup and then another petite one at home. It was fun. And I cannot wait for her party on Sunday. She was so excited and happy that it was her birthday. A true birthday Princess!

Here are the photos, from the end of the day to the very beginning.

Cupcakes I baked for playgroup (we brought them to share with the class in celebration of Princess's birthday.)

The invitations I made for the party.

Fatty enjoying his gift.

Boobie enjoying his gift (they got in on the fun with Princess and got to open one present each in celebration.) You know how it is sometimes when you have more than one kid... everyone wants a present, even it it ain't THEIR special day. Oh well, didn't want any of my kids to feel left out.

Princess with her Barbie doll and new shoes.

Princess blowing out the candle on her cake.

Singing 'Happy Birthday"

Say "cheese"!

All my kids, helping Princess celebrate her big day.

The cake all ready for it's debut.

Eating pizza.


Princess's Barbie doll.

Princess's new shoes

Opening her gifts


"What's this?"

"Oooh, ahhhhhh"!

Wow, a Princess purse for the Princess.

Look, a Zion Lion T-shirt dress from "Dada"!

Can't wait to rip it open.

The cake I made... just a practice version of the cake I want to make for Sunday.

It was delicious!

The decorations.

The play-doh Princess got for her birthday.

Having a special birthday lunch a Musmanni Bakery and Cafe.


"Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful."

Sitting pretty.

And her 3rd year photo... that I took. : )

Enjoying a cupcake at playgroup.

Fatty cried all morning for a cupcake. When he finally got one, he ate it all up, paper and all.

Birthday Princess

Helping to give out the cupcakes to her 'friends'.

Playgroup class.
(We're missing a few kids but it was nice all the same).

A photo op with teacher Carolina, while the class sings Happy Birthday.

Playgroup activity for the day: playing with sand and shells.

Before we head off to playgroup and to start our very busy day.

Fatty jumped into the photo while I was trying to take one of the birthday girl. It seems he likes having his picture taken now.

Miss Priss.

The Birthday girl

My little diva.

Happy Birthday my Princess.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colegio Monterrey's Festival Deportivo

The Sports Festival at Colegio Monterrey was held April 16 and 17 and it was a pretty big event. This was me and Boobie's first experience of this sort at any of his schools. Yes, he's had events at his 2 previous schools before, but nothing on such a grand scale. We both enjoyed it.

Saturday 17. The Sweet House (Dulce Casa). Selling candies and chocolates for the 4th grade.

It was rainy earlier that Saturday but a good showing of people none-the-less.

A few moms who volunteered (myself included) and Boobie's 4th grade homeroom teacher.



Friday 16: Sports Night

Alajuela Pirates cheer-leading team


Gym Stars cheerleaders and gymnasts

Hip Hop performance

Monterrey's gymnastics class

Monterrey's primary school cheerleaders

Monterrey's Kindergarten cheerleaders

Opening ceremonies