Monday, November 12, 2012

Gettin' Sh!!!t Done

Finally finished the ceremony programs and they look amazing, if I do say so myself.  A few trial and errors getting the font and sizing just right but other than that, piece of cake. I know most people think programs unnecessary, but I just love them.  They add something extra and since no one has ever been to a wedding here with a program, I think people will appreciate them. To save on the 'unnecessary' cost, I only did a few and printed them at home.

Spanish side

English side

After I finished the programs, I decided to tackle the seating chart and escort cards.  I always wanted to do something unique for my escort cards, not just the same tent folded cards that you see at every wedding.  However, my unique idea had to be cost effective.  My original idea was very cute but logistically time consuming. The idea came to me to use the left over Popsicle sticks as my escort cards.  Not only is the idea unique, but it was FREE and easy.  

Escort 'cards'

One side has the guest's name, the other side has the table number. Genius. Side note, the seating chart was not as hard a I feared, although it was not as easy as I thought either.

I was on a roll so I decided to go ahead and knock off a few more items off my do to list. I needed to wrap up the attendants gifts, so I decided to get the items I needed to do that.  I spent like $3.  I got construction paper to make my gift boxes (a simple tutorial on you tube... about 15 minutes to make 5). I also got wrapping paper and tape. 

Gift box all packed... and tied with yarn. ready for my bridesmaid.

Bridesmaids gifts: earrings and bracelet to wear day off.

All done

Bridesmaids tank tops

My gift for my grandmother and Hubby's mom to wear day off.

Groomsmen socks

All the gifts wrapped up and ready to be gifted!

The pink bag holds my daughter's flower girl gift: 2 headbands, one with rhinestones, the other with a flower. Also didn't get a picture of my son's socks, but they're in there too, wrapped in the same paper as the groomsmen.

tank tops wrapped up with tissue paper.

Relief Has Come

I feel like the weight of the (wedding) world has lifted off my shoulders. I feel as light as a feather.  I FINALLY tracked down ALL my guests and got my RSVP's in. I was so sick last week I was unable to do anything at all, much less wedding stuff.  I wanted to make up for lost so. Well, Friday, the night before the RSVP's were due, I decided to track down most of my guests and got almost everyone to confirm their status on whether they would be attending our wedding or not.  By today, I have all my RSVP's and I can submit my final count to the hall and caterer.  And with all the rsvp's in, looks like I'll be saving some money after all.... never thought I would be so happy with hearing the word NO.  With all the worries about being over budget if more people decided to show up than I budgeted for, it's a relief to know that I'll be under my expected number of guests.

Some of the rsvp's did surprise me though.  Some people I thought would not come, decided to say yes to our wedding.  And people who said they would come will be missing out on our big day. I still have not heard from a handful of people but I decided that with just under 2 weeks left, I cant worry about stragglers.  If they can't pick up a phone and call or send me a text, then I am just not gonna worry about them. If they do decide to show up, well... not sure what they should expect.  But what they will get is what they deserve: no reserved seats in their honor and no food to warm their bellies.

With just under my expected 150 guests, I will be saving money with my hall (I pay per person and budgeted for 150 people, minus kids under 5). Also, with less guests, I will need less tables so my floral bill will be smaller.  Hoping to allocate the extra money to delivery and set up for the florist. I'll also need less chair covers (with less chairs), so I decided to use my savings and rent linen napkins.  The one place I won't be saving money: the caterer.  I still have to pay for the contracted amount of people.  I am hoping though that my caterer can work with me so I can move the money from the extra plates to something else we can use, like unlimited drinks or more appetizers.  If we can't do that, then me and 14 other people can at least  have seconds...LOL.

So here's the breakdown:
Total number of guests: 131
Total number of adults: 91
Total number of teens and tweens: 22
Total number of kids under five: 18 (important because I don't pay for them at the hall).

I am also happy to report that with less number of guests, I won't have to pay extra for me, Hubby, our kids, and our vendors that will be at the wedding (people I originally did not budget for in the 150 guest count).

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Candles, Candles Everywhere

Or more likely, a few candles here and there...LOL.  I wanted candles at my wedding.  I love the look and romantic feel of a dimly lit room, with glowing candle light everywhere.  Just beautiful.  And the weddings I have seen with candle light are breathtaking.  It's a pretty budget way to make your wedding look and feel glamorous.

I wanted votive candles on each table with our name and wedding date on them, so they could double as favors as well decor.  I originally budgeted for 4 votive candles per table so that each family could take a votive or two home as a keepsake.  However, looking at the budget and trying to cut costs where ever I could, I decided to just do 2 votive candles per table instead.  I cut my candle decor budget in half and still get the look I'm going for.  And it's not like my guests will go home empty handed; we have other favors for them to take home, mini favor boxes with a sweet treat inside.

Now while a lot of the brides I have talked with on line seem to hate favors of any sort unless it's something edible, I still subscribe to the idea of a take home favor.  Whenever I attend an event like a baby shower, bridal shower or wedding, especially a wedding, I kind of expect a favor that I can take home and have as a keepsake.  While edible favors are fine (I end up saving those chocolates in my freezer anyway), I still feel like my wedding would not be MY wedding if I didn't have some sort of favor for my guests to hold on to. I just hope my guests like them and I hope we'll have enough for every family to take with them.

The Weight Of A Wedding On My Shoulders

With a little less than 3 weeks to go, I have run into some issues.  Trying to get on the ball and get stuff done has proven to be challenging at times.  I see my to do list getting smaller but there is still so much left to do, I want to just give up and call it a day.

The first issue we ran into was with Hubby's suit.  The same seamstress who made my dress, the bridesmaids dresses and the vests for the groomsmen also agreed to make Hubby's suit.  That turned out to be a disaster. Hubby hates the suit and refuses to wear it.  So not only do we have to pay for an ill fitting suit that hubby will never use, we have to find him another suit and pay for that as well.  Good thing I already found him a place where he can get his suit... I just hope he finds something he likes.  It is just too close to the wire right now for indecisiveness.

Another issue that worries me is our budget.  I thought I was doing so good with our budget but the little additions are adding up and my job is not bringing in as much funds as before (seeing as I have not been working the last few weeks). I just hope it all works out in the end and will leave it in God's hands.

Third issue, I am sick.  I took one day off because I was too sick to even get out of bed.  But that one day cost me: I had so much to do and still have so much to do, I can't afford a day off.  Now things are piling up and I will have to get things done ASAP.  I do not want to be running around day of the wedding like a crazy person.

And the final issue that is making me really worry: we have no officiant.  Yes, you heard right.  With no one to actually marry us, we cannot have a wedding. This sucks. I had an officiant, a friend of mother-in laws cousin that was going to do us the honor for a price that sure was too good to be true.  Well 2 weeks out and it turns out said officiant cannot marry us afterall.  Not sure why or what happened as I keep getting different stories from different people (she is too busy, she is sick, her father is sick).  However, she will get us another lawyer/ notary public to marry us for the same price, so I hope we can get that settled as soon as possible.  I am not sure why she waited until the appointed time to let me know this, as I have been calling her for the better part of a week with no answer.  I could be upset but I am too sick to even stress (and it might be stress that got me sick even though up until now I thought I was pretty calm.)

I just want things to go as smooth as possible the day of the wedding.  Of course, not looking for perfection but just a nice, fun day for my family and friends to enjoy.