Friday, October 28, 2016

Thinking 'Bout Christmas

Yes, ya'll... it is THAT time of year again!  It is Christmas time.  It is the holiday season and it is officially Christmas season here in good ole Costa Rica, so yes, I have been thinking about Christmas.

Now, I am a person who LOVES the holiday season.  Everything:  the food, the fun, the family time. All the traditions.  I just love it.  I like to celebrate each holiday as they come, just simply enjoying that holiday and soaking in as much of it as I can.  So before I jump on the X-mas bandwagon, I would first like to get through Halloween.  But in Costa Rica, it is hard not to jump ahead and start prepping for Christmas even before October rolls around.  That is because Costa Ricans start their official Christmas season right after September 15.

The stores are all decked out in holiday gear.  They're advertising their Christmas specials to get people in the door and shopping.  And so people are shopping.  People are also already decorating their houses for the season.  Now, it is a bit early for me but it is nice to see and it gets me thinking ahead so I can be prepared.

I like to start shopping early, like September early.  But this year, I won't start shopping for Christmas until November because time has just passed me by so quickly.  Halloween is next week and before we know it, it will be November and Thanksgiving will be upon us.  That doesn't mean a lot to many Costa Rican's but it means a lot to me.  So while I like to celebrate each holiday as it comes, I know preparing for Christmas early is just the wise thing to do.  So I guess I better get cracking.  And so should you!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

No Halloween?!!

Waaaahhhhh!!!  I don't think there are any kid friendly, FREE, Halloween activities for kids in Costa Rica this year that I can find online.  Last year we got lucky and Walmart had a fun Halloween event that we totally enjoyed.  But this year, so far, nada!  I want to do something fun with my kiddos for Halloween.  Waaaahhhhh!!!

Ok, so we live in Costa Rica.  Halloween is not the same here like it is in the States.  There is no general trick or treating.  Activities for kids are few and far between... unless you live in an expat neighborhood.  Alas, we don't so we have to search high and low for any Halloween related kid event.  Some years we get lucky and hit the jack pot, like last year.  This year, I am stumped to find anything that I am interested in.  There are a TON of events for adults.  A TON.  Because Costa Rican Halloween caters more towards the older crowd (weird I know).  I did find two kid friendly events online, but one is a zombie parade in downtown San Jose on a week day that I am not that into to be honest.  I tend to like more organized events with specific activities for kids.  The other was an event at a kid's yoga studio.  That seemed like it would be a ton of fun and got me all excited UNTIL I saw that the price per child to participate was like $30 bucks!!! No thank you.

Now I have been stalking the web and the Walmart website and Facebook page to see what else might be out there.  There are a lot of costumes and decor and party ideas available but no events sadly.  I am hoping something pops up pretty soon or we'll just be doing what we usually do.... nothing.  We do have a birthday party the Saturday before Halloween and the kids want to dress in costumes for that, which is what we usually tend to do when we go to parties right before Halloween. But I just wanted something Halloween related to to with the kiddos.  I am thisclose and so tempted to throw my own Halloween bash but from my experience in years past, I am just not gonna waste my time and energy.

The 31st of All Hallow's Eve falls on a Monday this year so any activity would have to be on the weekend prior.  Besides the birthday party, which has nothing to do with Halloween (but will allow the kids to use their costumes), there in nothing planned for Halloween this year for my family... so far.  Monday we just might get in the spirit and have a fun Halloween themed movie night.  And of course, as always kids will be decked out in their Halloween gear to celebrate the night.

UPDATE:  Yay!!! I finally FINALLY found a Halloween related kid friendly event to enjoy with my kiddos.  It's the Fantasy Day event at Lincoln Plaza Mall this coming Friday.  The kids will have so much fun on the moon-bounces, decorating treat bags, the face painting, trick or treating at the mall and then to finish it off, a costume contest.  And it's all FREE!!!  SCORE!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Holiday Season Has Begun!

Are you ready?  Are you ready for the holidays?  Better yet, are you looking forward to the holidays?  I might not be quite ready YET, but I am so looking forward to the holiday season.

I am excited for Halloween this year again. The house is all decked out (well, as much it will be) and I am actively searching the web for exciting and fun activities for the kids to do. 

I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year, oh yes.  It will be smaller this year than in previous years as I am just hosting my immediate family, no friends.  No large groups this year, just us and that makes me super excited. I cannot wait.  

And of course, the biggest holiday of them all, Christmas!  Can I get a YES!!!  I am super excited for Christmas this year even though I am so unprepared this year as compared to last.  But I am not worried about it.  We have a new car and that takes priority not to mention a lot of our disposable income and the kids understand.  So Christmas will be smaller this year, as far as gifts go but the kids don't mind.  Also, this year we are heading on vacation to the beach with my family so that, to us, is our Christmas gift.

I am very excited to get the house all decked out and to do all the fun activities we do for the holiday seasons..... I am ready for the movies, the music, the food, everything.  I am so ready!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Winter Has Come!

Winter time has arrived in Costa Rica and to me, it's starting to feel like Fall.  It's rainy, it's gloomy and it's a little cold here in San Jose and to be honest, I kinda like it.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a big rain person, so come rainy season in CR, I am not a happy girl.  But I am so looking forward to all the fall holidays coming up that I don't mind the fall like weather because it puts me in the mood for celebrating.

We have Halloween to look forward to in just a few short weeks, as time is just flying us by.  Then quickly after that we have Thanksgiving, one of my absolute favorite holidays and time of year.  And of course, I can't forget our anniversary.  While that may not be a holiday, it is a cause for celebration and I am excited to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary this year.

Of course after all the fall holidays, the biggest celebration of all is Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year (according to the song and I have to agree). I am even more excited for Christmas this year because my family will be spending the holidays with us for the very first time.

As a planner, I have a lot of planning to do.  I have lists to make, things to buy, money to save.  It's going to be a great holiday season for sure.