Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Room

When this house was built, I had one child, Boobie. Three bedrooms was more than enough for our family at the time. Soon after we moved in, Princess joined the mix and then not long after that, Fatty came along. We very quickly outgrew our 3 bedroom home.

Ever since the impending birth of Fatty, we had tossed around the idea of building a room for him. My mother in law had build a little storage area at the back of our house in hopes that one day we would finish it out into a room.

As time passed, I longed even more for Fatty to have his own room; space in Princess's room was becoming limited, especially in the closet, which they both also share. I couldn't wait for them to have separate rooms.

Well, the time has come for Fatty to get his own room and I could not be more excited. By the time he is 3 (well before that actually), Fatty will have his very own room and his very own closet.

Now when I go into Princess's room to get her ready for the mornings, I won't disturb Fatty. He can sleep soundly in his won room. Also, with his own closet, he can actually fit all his clothes. More importantly, there will be more space for all 3 kids.

Construction has started and I cannot wait for the room to be done. I am so blessed! I'll keep you updated and of course post pictures of of the finished product.


Excuse me while I do a victory dance for a moment: *dance, turn, spin, jump, booty shake, slide, slide and stop*!!!!

Why am I doing a victory dance? Because Fatty has finally mastered the art of the potty. : )

He is now *knock on wood, don't wanna jinx it* fully daytime potty trained. He finally pooped in the potty for the very first time last Friday and has been pooping in the potty ever since. He has also not had a peepee incident in a few days either. AND most importantly, he is more inclined to let me know when he has to go.

I could do a cartwheel right now. It took longer than I thought but the end result is always fulfulling. We can go on vacation rest assured that he is 90% potty trained.

Next step is night time potty training. I hope that takes less time since we've made it past the huge hump already.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

To all the daddies, I hope you guys had a wonderful day!

Now, we're not big on celebrating Father's Day in this house. We don't go all out or make a big deal about it, generally speaking. But it is the ONE day (besides his birthday) that Hubby gets all to himself, to celebrate him. And he is a great dad, so why not make him feel special on his day?

We stayed in all day (minus a quick trip to the grocery store). I made him breakfast in bed (soup, since he was feeling a little under the weather). He was able to just lay in bed most of the day and watch TV. Kids bestowed their gifts upon him one by one.

Boobie got him a key holder that says 'I love Papi' (I'll hang it in the office and hang spare keys on it) and a card he made. The card was so cute, with a drawing of him on his dad's shoulders and a nice note saying how great a dad his dad is.

Princess also made a card with a drawing of her and her dad. Her pre-school also took a picture of her dressed in men's pants, shoes, shirt and tie. It is the cutest picture ever. Her pose, the smile on her face, the oversized clothing... priceless.

Fatty's playgroup class made cards with a nice peom about dad with Fatty's hand print inside. Simple gifts but worth so much because of the personalized touches.

The day ended on a high note as well, even after the kids had gone to bed, with Hubby and me snuggled in bed, watching a movie. When I asked him how his day was, if he felt special, his response was: "you make me feel like this all the time"! *awwwwwwwwwwww*

Friday, June 17, 2011

Potty Training Part Deux

So I had to bite the damn bullet and start seriously potty training Fatty. He is well over 2, knows the ins and outs of a toilet and can speak. Plus he would always hide when he went to do his business. Potty time, 'nuff said.

For a while now, I'd been wanting to potty train him but no one looks forward to this task. It's the dreaded must do chore that no parent wants to actually do. But after a few failed attempts, I knew I had to get to it. I tried before a few months back, with no success and gave up after 2 days of no progress. I choked it up to him not being ready but really, it was just me being lazy.

This time around, I am sticking it out. We're on day 7 and so far, he does pee pee just fine. He's even gotten to the point of letting me know when he has to go. I ask him about, oh, every 5 minutes or so if he has to go potty.

He's had his accidents (most memorable: peeing in the corner of the shoe store his first day of training while mommy shopped for new kicks, LOL).

I have come thisclose to giving up, after his 5th day of pooping in his underwear. No matter what, he seems hell bent on not doing number 2 in the potty. I don't get it though. Pee pee in the potty? Fine. Poo poo, no way! I want him trained (at least day time trained) by tomorrow. Yeah, I don't know if that will happen. A girl can dream *sigh*

I thought he would get the potty thing down and on lock in 3 days like Boobie and Princess. But not Fatty. He's a stubborn one. I am still waiting for the big poo to hit the pan... literally.

I am proud of him though; he's making progress and for now, that's good enough. I know eventually he'll do the big DOO in the potty and that will be cause for celebration.