Friday, June 25, 2010

Boobie's Tuition

I knew the day would come when the tuition at Boobie's school would go up, but I wasn't expecting it until NEXT year. Turns out, due to a number of renovation projects and remodeling, the school decided to raise the tuition 25% come August.

Parents have no other choice but to pony up and pay the new price tag set by the school (yes, parents have to pay for school renovations on top of the tuition and other expenses @@)

You can either pay, or leave. So that's it. I wonder why they couldn't just wait until the new school year to raise the tuition on us. I mean we're all so used to the monthly price tag, why change things mid year on us?

I can't say I am all too upset though. I kept saying how much the school could use a re-do. I guess I got my wish. I just didn't expect to pay for it. LOL. Oh well. I suppose there are more surprises in store for us. I just wonder what's next...

Double Tree Resort Puntarenas

For Father's Day weekend, hubby, the kids and I went to the all inclusive Double Tree Resort (formerly Hotel Fiesta) in Puntarenas for a fun filled get a way. We ate, we swam, we danced and we lounged. It was a blast.

On entering

Waiting in the lobby

The pool area by our room

On our way to our room

The resort map and our complimentary 'welcome' cookie

The 1st bathroom

The bedroom

The kitchen

The living and dining rooms

The 2nd bathroom

By the pool

Having a 'snack' at the snack bar

Calypso Restaurant... ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!!!

The Kids Paradise Kids Club

Face paint time


And Mrs. Butterfly


Dance lessons

Look at the view

The kids party

Breakfast time on Father's Day

water aerobics.. check Boobie out!

Checking out the beach

Playing in the sand

Heading down to the beach

The waves were HUGE

Princess was scared of the waves

On the pier

What a great view

We had such a great time, for such a short stay. We arrived Saturday afternoon, and while the guard at the gate said the hotel was all booked up, a quick visit to the front desk and a few minutes and an extra $50 bucks (on top of the regular price) later and we were set up in a time share suite, decked out with a full kitchen, living room, dining room and TWO bathrooms.

We immediately changed clothes and headed to the pool, then the juice bar, then the snack bar, then Hubby headed off to the restaurant for lunch. I followed suit a short while later. :)

This place is amazing. A ton of activities for adults and kids alike, a gym for those who overindulge (like me), all you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks until 1 am. Plus a fruit bar serving up all natural fruit shakes and 'Granizados'.

Too many pools to count and a disco, that's jumping 'til 2 in the morning. Not to mention lounge time, live music, a gift shop, and so much more. As were leaving Sunday afternoon, we couldn't help but wish we'd had more time for just one more day.

I can't wait for us to go back.