Friday, December 4, 2015

It Has Been FAAAAAAAAR Too Long

Hey there, long time no write.  Man have I gotten lazy with my blogging.  But as it is December and we're about to come upon yet another new year, I think I should try to make and stick to a new years resolution:  to blog more.  So here is my first blog in, oh, too many months.

What's new?  So much.  To start: my baby (yeah remember him), well, he is a two years old now.  I know... mind BLOWN!

It's December...did I already say that?  Well, it is.  And you know what happens in December?  CHRISTMAS!!! My absolute favorite time of year (next to Thanksgiving, which we celebrated this year with about 30 or so family and was awesome).

So as it is December and Christmas is roughly about 3 or so weeks away, I'll tell you what I have planned or what I have done so far for the month of yule tide giving.

I finally bought tickets to The Nutcracker this year for myself and my 8 1/2 year old daughter.  I am so excited to share this experience with her.  It will be a first time for the both of us and I cannot wait.  That's happening next week.

I got new stockings for the kids and they are beautiful:  they have the kids pictures, names and the year 2015 on them and they are awesome.

Another school year has come and gone:  kids are on vacation and will be attending their Christmas parties in the upcoming days. Oh, and they all passed the year, thankfully.

Side note:  my daughter got the Chicken Pox last week.  She's better now but that was a bit scary.

Side note:  My 7 year old got lice this year (EWWWWW).  He got it at school and so that was an ordeal to deal with because I had never dealt with lice before.

And then Christmas gifts.  I am happy to say that I am done shopping for my kids for the big day.  I know, ah-maaazing.  I started in September and finished up the last of the gifts last month.  YAY me.  I feel so accomplished.  It feels good to be done this early.  Now to be fair, the kids lists were very simple this year so their gifts were less expensive.  But still, being done is being done no matter if I spent $500 or $50.

And finally, we are heading to the beach for a proper family vacation.  We took a few this year (well two this year) but they were shorter trips.  We want a BIG 4 to 5 days at least.  So we'll see how far our budget can stretch of family of 6.

Hope to blog again soon...tata! ;)