Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Bridal Shower

This will be a post with just pics... so enjoy!

Edible Marshmallow Centerpieces



Friday, September 14, 2012

The Toothless Princess

My baby girl, at just 5 years old, has lost her very 1st tooth.  So young, so young.  I can't believe how big she is getting.  I think 5 is kind of on the young side for a tooth loss, but I can't argue with nature.  I hope this is not a sign of things to come: I don't want my baby girl growing up too fast.

Her tooth was loose for some time and I found it hard at first to believe that she would be losing a tooth already.  But she did and she sure was proud. With the help of her daddy, her 1st tooth came out.  She was pretty scared as she wasn't sure what was going on with her wiggly tooth.  But we explained to her not to be afraid, that everyone loses their teeth and it meant she was a big girl now.  We have her tooth in a jar as a keepsake.

Wedding Vendor Check-in

As time progressed, I realized the vendor list of hires for my wedding kept getting longer.  It seemed as soon as I checked one vendor off my list, another one made it on.  I already had the reception venue: check! Found the caterer: check! Had the florist and photographer: check!  Hired a DJ: check!  But I was missing two really important vendors for the wedding: a ceremony location and an officiant.  Can't have the ceremony without either of these two things.

It's really kind of odd that I would have a reception venue before I booked a ceremony location since it's usually the other way around.  Since I did it backwards, I needed a ceremony venue that was close to the reception venue and cheap.  I initially thought we could have the ceremony in the backyard but the more I thought about it, the less appealing a backyard wedding seemed to me. What if it rains?  What about parking? Was the backyard nice enough for a wedding?  I had family traveling to the ceremony, I needed to make sure it was up to their expectations.

The next idea I had was to have the ceremony in a local church but with all the requirements needed to get married in said church, not to mention not having heard anything from the Pastor, I thought it time to move on and get serious about finding someplace to get married.

Finally, I found a nice looking, rustic type lodge close to the reception venue, 4 minutes away.  It is perfect for our simple ceremony and suits us to a T.  It is original and totally us. I am actually excited to get married here.  Even the terrace is perfect: this is where we will host our 'mock-tail' hour while we take pictures.

Now that the ceremony space was taken care of (contract signed and deposit paid), I had to go about looking for a lawyer who could legally marry us.  Mother-in-law has a cousin who has a friend who can legally marry couples in Costa Rica.  Her price was right, so we booked her.  We will have an official meeting a month prior to the wedding to finalize details. Officiant: check!

Other vendors I can check off my list:
Transportation: check
Chair cover rentals: check
Hair and makeup stylist: check
Esthetician: check

September Rush

Well, it's just about 2 months away from the wedding and I am busy as can be.  Busier than a bee. It's only mid-September and my plate is overflowing with things I have to do, places I need to be and stuff I have to plan.

So far this month, I have 6 parties to attend, one in which I have to plan.Three of those parties are in one day, one of which is J's (Fatty's) 4th birthday.  Also this month, I have a bridal shower to attend: MINE!  Excitement is in the air as the wedding gets closer, and the pre-wedding events commence.
Bridal Shower Invitation: made by my lovely bridesmaid C!

Bridal Shower Envelope!

Party Gifts: 1 party gift for Saturday, the other 3 for Sunday!

Also, my list of to do's are getting shorter.   I was able to finally finish 'glitterizing' my ballet flats to the perfect sparkly blue color.  And.... "drum-roll please" I found the PERFECT pair of heels for my pre-wedding parties: bridal shower, Bachelorette, and Engagement Serenade.

Perfect blue flats with lots of sparkle

Kick-ass heels for my pre-wedding 'fiestas'!