Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boobie's Birthday Celebration

Here are pictures of Boobie's Birthday celebration.... from finish to start (sorry, blog won't let me
put them in order after the fact, so enjoy).

His birthday gift from me.... he loved it!

Enjoying birthday cake

A few of the party 'goers' and well wishers : )

Party time!

"Make a wish Boobie!"

The cake I baked...not only was it cheaper, it was super easy too (boxed cakes ROCK!)

A little celebration at Boobie's school with his classmates

Enjoying cupcakes and ice-cream

The Happy Birthday Song

Cupcakes I baked... they were delicious as always

My Fatty...



Applebees Costa Rica

How cute are the Applebees balloons, shape like apples

The monster truck outside of the restaurant

Mini golfing

Mini-golf time

Well, it was bound to happen. We all get older. And with age, comes cake. LOL! On March 28, my first born son celebrated his 11th birthday. Seeing that I am the kind of mom that I am, I could not let this day go by without some sort of celebration. First off, we decided to forgo a big party celebration and instead had a few smaller celebrations to mark this special day.

On Sunday, the 27th, we took Mr. Boobie to play minigolf as a family (and invited Hubby's cousin and his family along as well). After a round of golf (18 mini-golf holes) in the steaming hot sun, we headed over to the air-conditioned premises of AppleBees Costa Rica for lunch. It was a delight. Applesbees is Boobies favorite restaurant and we had not been since we moved to Costa Rica. It was a special treat for him to be able to go. Boobie got his birthday song and free 'cake'. And we all had a wonderful time.

Also, I felt his actual birthdate needed to be celebrated as well, so I got to work. I made 36 cupcakes, 24 of which I brought to his class on Monday the 28th, along with bubble gum flavored ice-cream. It was a nice treat for the kids. They sang Boobie a boisterous round of happy birthday and enjoyed chocolate cupcakes with ice-cream.

That night, I invited a few cousins and Boobies best pal to celebrate for a third time at home. I baked a cake, hung a birthday banner and even made up a few goody bags for each kid. I had my 3 (including the birthday boy) plus 8 others. Add in 3 more adults, plus me and we had a party!!! Not a party by my standards but a party just the same. After the birthday song (again), everyone enjoyed my rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting and (more) bubble gum flavored ice-cream, this time with cones. Then each kid attacked their goody bag, devouring the candy (they brought the little trinkets that I put in each bag home).

It was a great family 'party', lasting over 2 hours. And the proof that it was a success: lots of smiling faces, squeals of delight and rambunctious play. It was a night to remember for Boobie (and a night he didn't want to end). He was happy and so was I. I was all too willing to make his day special. No matter how hectic my day was that day, his smiling face made it all worth it. And, afterall, what are birthdays for if not to make the birthday boy feel special; and where there is a birthday, I will be there, celebrating the day for my kids, no matter how big or small the celebration.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 20, 2011

Sunday, February 20th, I ran my second race: 11.5 K UNED Race in Sabanilla, San Jose. My time was 1 hour and 18 minutes, 35 seconds.

This time around I was with Hubby and a 'friend' (A's mom).

It was such a rush and so exciting. My adrenaline was pumping hard. I was so nervous and filled with emotions. I honestly didn't know if I would be able to run the whole race, after all, there were so many actual runners there. I thought I would have a much harder time than I did.

After the race, I wasn't even tired. As a matter of fact, near the end, when everyone else was slowing down I was speeding up, getting ready for my second wind.

I was not only able to keep a steady pace throughout the entire race, but I was also able to maintain my energy. In the end, I was so proud of myself for accomplishing such a feat.

There are a few more races Hubby and I would love to do: one this month and a couple more in May. I look forward to each one.

My goal was to do another race this year, now that I have done that, lets see if I can do a couple more.