Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Dreaded Baby Shower

Er... I mean the much anticipated baby shower.  *Sigh*.  So, I love showers of all kinds: baby, bridal, wedding, etc.  I love all the games, the company, the food and even most of all, watching the guest of honor open all her gifts.  I think I am the only person who loves this part however but I am a nosy person so I want to see what people got the honoree.  I hate when I go to birthday parties and they don't open the gifts in front of the guests.  But that is the not the point of a b-day party... it is the point, however, of a shower.

Anywho.... as with any pregnancy, most people expect some sort of celebration to accompany the much awaited birth.  Initially, I was against the idea of having a baby shower.  I have to admit, I am a little embarrassed to have yet another one, after having already had THREE!  I do believe every child is special and deserves to be celebrated but I was just not in the mood for another baby shower in my honor.

Well, hubby's family and my friends would not hear of such talk... no baby shower?  What?  It's almost like a crime.  So I relented and allowed who ever felt the need to go ahead and make plans for a shower for this baby.  After all, I am not going to REFUSE a party!

Now, I know about all the talk out there about how inappropriate or tacky it is to have a shower for a second, third, etc baby.  I know there are a lot people who think that a baby shower should only be reserved for a first time mom, where the idea is to shower her with gifts to help out with the new baby and give her a head start in her new life as a parent.  I know what the etiquette is... but seriously, screw etiquette.  It is 2013.  Not 1945.  Times have changed and so should some people's thought process.

Now, no one I know in person thinks like this... I got all this from various message boards I have frequented throughout the years.  And I was in shock at how many people shared such a sentiment.  Like, why is it not OK to have a baby shower for a second or third child?  Well, there are some exceptions to that "rule".  If a child is born 5 plus years after the first (etc) and/or is the opposite sex, then a baby shower is OK.  Some have even come up with a term to make a celebration for a second time (3rd, 4th, 5th) mom OK.  It's called a "baby sprinkle'.  The sprinkle, smaller than a shower, is a celebration where close friends and family get together and buy the mom to be again smaller items like diapers, wipes and other baby essentials that she might not (well, most likely doesn't) have.  Since the sprinkle is a smaller event, it's faux paus for the mom to register.  Without a registry, guests tend NOT to buy bigger items as they figure the mom should have these items in store from the first baby and should be able to reuse them (of course this thought process changes IF the next baby is coming over 5 years after the previous).

I understand how some people might be turned off if say, a mom who just had a baby 2 years ago and had a grande shower with a huge registry list decides to do the very same thing for baby #2 (or so on).  You don't really need everything to be brand new for baby, just in good and usable condition.  So that I get.  But to celebrate with a smaller party with smaller gifts (mostly necessities like clothes and the like) is very much OK in my book.

That had nothing to do with why I didn't want a shower... I don't care what other people (strangers) say.  Or think about how my life is lived. So another shower for baby number 4 it is.  Today my mother in law told me to pick a date so she can start planning the shower (I have asked that it be on the smaller side though... I don't want to open gifts for the 4th time around in front of 40 something people).  She wants to host the shower in July and so my job is to pick a date and help make invitations.

I guess I have to admit I am kind of thankful that I will be having a shower after all.  It will take some of the burden off us and we'll be able to get a few smaller items that we won't have to buy right away ourselves.  Also, it's just another excuse for my nearest and some of my dearest to get together and celebrate with me... it's been a while since the family has had a gathering and most of them hve not seen me pregnant as yet.  Besides, after the horrible start I had to this pregnancy, it's nice to finally be able to celebrate it.  I guess I look forward to the shower and I really hope I don't embarrass myself or cry.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun Baby Stuff

So one of the best parts about being pregnant (again), is baby shopping.  Baby stuff is just so darn cute (why do they have to make them so darn cute).  Makes me want to get everything... but as a 4th time mommy, I know what I need and want and what I can do without.

I have been watching tons of you tube (love you tube as you know) about baby nurseries and best baby items.  It's hard to not want what others have, especially hearing them rave about how great a product is.  Plus, with so many new baby products on the market right now, it's hard to decide if I want to try them out or forgo them since I didn't need them or know about them the first 3 times.

I have heard a lot about certain products, namely a teether called 'Sophie the Giraffe', who parents RAVE about and a stuffed sheep that plays various sounds, called the sleep sheep.  I doubt I'll get these, even though it seems like everybody and their mama has them.

I also hear a lot of brand names being thrown around, like Aiden and Anais?, a company that makes blankets.  I heard they are the best around.  And is it me, or is almost everyone these days using cloth diapers instead of disposables.  I admire those moms who are cloth diapering but I know for sure it is not for me.  I grew up in a era/country where the only diapers were cloth and having had to wash a few, I have to say, never again (although I have a washing machine now, I just don't have the interest in it).  I love some of the names for the diapers though, like Bum genius.  How cute is that?  And I am in awe of how knowledgeable those cloth diapering mamas are... with all the inserts and all in ones and such (direct lines from you tube as I know not what these mean).

Also, with all the stuff, well, you need a place to put it all and many people like to put the stuff in a decked out baby nursery.  I knew once I figured out the baby sleeping situation that I was not going to go all out with decorating a room for an infant.  I did it with my daughter.  I have had my fill.  But wow, are some of those nurseries nice.  Makes me want to reconsider some days... so I think I can compromise and do some decorating but still stick to my guns by not going overboard.

After much time on the net looking at baby stuff, I had to make my list of what I would want for the baby besides the usual and necessary items like diapers and wipes, which I'll wait to buy after my baby 'sprinkle' (a new term I picked up on a website about smaller type baby showers).  I figure stuff like blankets and bibs can be bought in the later stages as they are less pricey, plus I have a few that can hold me over until baby comes so I am fine.  It is true that babies don't need much anyway, just to to be fed, held and changed every so often.

What I want to focus on are the bigger, more expensive baby items I will need for baby.  So far, we got the bouncer.  Love bouncy seats and the one we have has a vibration button, which I think is essential for a fussy baby.

the bouncer we bought in a different color scheme

We got a bath tub, which I am in love with and cannot wait to use.  It comes with a newborn sling, which is nice.  And even though it was on the pricier side of what I wanted to pay for a bath tub, I figure I'll get a good couple of years out of it (it says birth to toddler...which is longer than most baby items lasts.)

the Summer Infant bath tub we bought

We also got the playmat gym, an essential item in my house with an infant.  We lucked out and found a very affordable one at the most unlikely of places: Bebe Mundo.  I say this because Bebe Mundo is a baby store much like Babies r us, on the pricier side when it comes to baby items.  Somehow they had affordable options for us less well off folks.  I cannot wait for baby to use the playmat.

Becca Baby playmat... we have different hanging toys

We also got the pack and play.  We opted NOT to get a crib so the pack and play was the BIG purchase for us.  I wanted an all in one, with bassinet and change station but wanted one that was affordable.  The ones we saw at Universal were pretty spendy, at $200+ a pop.  We lucked out and got one at Bebe Mundo for around $180.  I know I could have found one cheaper (I got one for Princess for around $50 at Pequeno Mundo but it was not as nice as the one we purchased.)  It comes with a little mobile, a place for diapers and wipes and the best part, a music station so I can play songs for the baby or let the bassinet vibrate.  And of course it grows with baby. After baby gets too big for the bassinet portion, he can use the play pen portion until he's about 2, at which time we can get him a toddler bed.

our pack and play looks similar to this, different brand though and more vibrant colors

And the last item we bought was the high chair.  Not that baby needs a high chair right away but we just could not pass up the great deal at Bebe Mundo (color me surprised again), where we spotted a super neat chair for less then the almost $200 price tag we saw them for at Universal and other boutique type stores at the mall.

our high chair is an Infanti brand in different colors, but similar to this in style

We figure we'll go shopping once a month or so and pick up items we need until we're done... hoping to get 2 or 3 items in each trip.  I mean, I love to shop.  And baby shopping is just so much fun.  What better way to gear up for baby than buying cute things you now your baby will love?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!

Yup, it's been far too long and so much has happened it's like old news already.  I wanted to post details of the wedding along with pics, but didn't get to that... I promise I will.

I wanted to blog about our awesome honeymoon, but again, didn't get around to it.

I wanted to ring in the new year with updates on married life and such... and again, you guessed it.  Didn't happen.

So why didn't I do any of these things?  And why have I not blogged in over 7 months?  Hold on to your britches because I have HUGE news.

I am............................. PREGNANT!!!!!

Yes, baby number 4 is on HIS way and due in late August/early September.  And no, this was not our 'plan'.  As you already know, we have three beautiful, awesome children and we were, for all intense and purposes, DONE, DONE, done!  Well, God had other plans.

So this might be a long blog post as I am going to try to condense literally 7 months worth of stuff into one post.  Let me start from the top.

See, we went on honeymoon after all my family left.  I couldn't wait to go.  I needed a break from the kids, the house and just everything.  Plus, we just had gotten married and I wanted to feel like a newlywed.... what better way to celebrate the start of a marriage than with a honeymoon.  Well, that will be the honeymoon to remember for sure. I'll have to remember to blog about it in detail another day.

After coming home, things slowly started getting back to normal.  I packed up the wedding stuff and got my house back to it's natural state (after 12 or so people staying here, it was a mess).  Then I got some bad news (my older son, P, had to repeat 6th grade).  And then bam, hubby was out of a job.  He found one quickly though, thank heavens. Christmas came and went and I was looking forward to the new year.  I had such big plans.  I was going to work from home again and look into starting a wedding planning business on the side.  I was excited for 2013.  And then I missed my period.  I NEVER miss my period.  it's not always "on time", but I never miss it..... UNLESS I am pregnant.  And I know this from previous experience (3 times).

I was in denial though.  I figured maybe delayed wedding stress caused me to miss it (I was way too relaxed as a bride during planning).  So I waited until January before freaking out.  Well, there was no denying the fact when I started getting sick.  I always get sick with my pregnancies.  And when I say sick, I mean morning sickness all day and night sick.  I still tried to think that maybe something else was wrong though, as I just could not believe it.

Well, I won't go into the sordid details, as I am trying to get over that, but I was not a happy camper when the real reality of my pregnancy finally sunk in.  I became VERY sad, some might even say 'depressed'.  I was in bed and sick and sad for literally 4 entire months.  I would have days I would just cry out of pure sadness.

I was dreading the whole process of being pregnant (after all, I had worked so hard to get my body back after back to back pregnancies 5 years prior).  I was dreading the whole idea of having to start all over again with a newborn: sleepless nights, poopy diapers, the crying, the expense, the potty training, ugh!  I was just one big mess and everyone was worried about me.  I finally started to pull myself out of my funk, slowly.  And by around the 5th month mark, I was feeling better (not only was the morning sickness abating, but my mind was clearing as well).

I started to think positive and about all the joys of having another baby.  The more I thought about the positive, the better I felt.  I decided to focus on the good and forget the bad so I started daydreaming about baby and planning for baby.

First thing I had to figure out was where to PUT the baby.  We have a small house.  We already have 3 kids occupying 3 bedrooms.  I really didn't want any of the kids to have to share.  Then the idea hit.  As small as our house is (well, it's modest, maybe not so small), we still had 2 'extra' rooms we could put to other usage: we had the office and the toy/play room.

I didn't want to use the toy room as a nursery.  It just wouldn't work BUT the office would be perfect. The more I thought about the baby having his own little nursery, the more excited I got about things I could buy to fill it.  I wasn't going to go crazy or anything: it is our 4th baby, so I am not that gung-ho about decor and crap like that.  But with a room of his own, I could put a few small details to make it his.

I had some days where I felt better than others, energy wise.  But as soon as I felt well enough, I got to work.  First, I got my house back into shape (being sick for so long, I kind of neglected a lot of stuff.)  I organized the toy-room, then cleaned out the office and put the stuff from the office into the toy-room, essentially making it an all purpose room.  I did leave the computer and desk in the now former office however for very good reasons: first, there is no place else to put the computer as the office has the modem and internet.  Second, the playroom has no plugs.  It works for now.  We barely use the office as an office anymore anyway (long story with the computer).  Plus, babies are so tiny, they don't need much space.

The computer desk has use as storage for a few baby items that serve as decoration right now until baby comes, like a few soft books and toys and his shoes.  That was the big benefit of cleaning out the toy-room.  I found a few stuffed animals and baby toys that will be perfect for baby once he comes.  I even went through my kids stuff and found blankets and some clothes from when my little JC was a baby.

We've also been shopping for baby stuff, trying to stockpile a few items before the baby gets here.  Sad to say, but we gave everything away after I was sure I was done having kids.  All the cool items I had with Princess and JC are all gone.  The crib, the swing, the highchair, the bouncy chair, bathtub, pack and play, etc.... all gone to good homes.  So we have to start from scratch.  I did get lots of baby clothes from hubby's cousin, who just had a baby 5 months ago and even my mother in law bought some cute stuff.  Now with my mind in the right place, I can get excited about this baby and enjoy the pregnancy (although to be honest, this pregnancy is a b!tch...everything hurts).  But I can deal.

I feel like I've covered a ton... or tried to.  And before this blog gets too winded and LONG, I'll just say that I'll be blogging more often now that I feel a ton better (and now that we have use of my mother in laws laptop).  It'll be a lot of baby blogging as I did with the wedding when I was wedding planning.  But at least you don't have to read about my pregnancy for 9 whole months... only 2 left to go.  And with that, I bid adieu until the very near future.