Saturday, July 24, 2021

About Thursday Night

 Who gets drunk on a Thursday night at a kids birthday party? That would be me. But to be fair, the party was held at a bar, so there's that.

Parties are finally happening again and we were able to attend our second party of the year. To say I was excited to be at another party is an understatement.  So I think I took my excitement a little too far. 

I had a blast and will have the memories to last a lifetime. But let me just say this; I never want to get that drunk ever again. 

It started simply enough with a cocktail of three chocolate based mixed liquors; Bailey's, Amaretto and a coffee liquor.  It was delicious. 

You see, I am not a drinker. I sometimes can't tell when a drink is too strong if mixed well. I am a lightweight and can get tipsy with just a couple of wine coolers. My limit is usually two to three drinks max and I tend to stay away from hard liquors. Shots are not my thing and I am not a fan of beer either. I like fruity drinks that taste delicious and that preferably have some sort of fruit detail and a straw. So the Orgasmic chocolate liquor drink was pretty strong for me. 

However, hubby saw how much I enjoyed it and ordered me another. I really should have just had the one because less than half way through my second glass I felt light headed and dizzy. I was officially drunk. 

After we got home and I went to bed, I felt sick. I was nauseous and uncomfortable. I never felt that way before after a night of drinking, especially since I only had two glasses. I had only ever been drunk two other times in my life but never felt so ill afterwards. 

Then the inevitable happened. I threw up, vomiting every last thing I drank and ate at the party. It was awful but I immediately felt better afterwards. I know my drinking limits and I will stick to them from now on. There is just no way I will get that drunk again. Point blank, period!

Monday, July 12, 2021

Family Weekend Beach Trip

 It was the mini getaway that I needed and thankfully got, a quick weekend trip to the beach before the new back to school period started up again. 

We headed to Jaco beach for the second year in a row and this time we took our two dogs with us, per hubby's request. It was his one condition and I couldn't say no. We stayed at the same hotel as last year, Beach Break Resort, which is a super animal friendly vacation hotel that's also pretty affordable.

Located right on the beach and literally only a 7 minute walk into town, it was the perfect place to set up shop for the weekend. Boasting 2 swimming pools, 2 kiddy wading pools, tennis and volleyball courts and a large dining area, it was the ideal family spot.

Now that the kids are back to school and have some semblance of a routine with the new normal that is life right now, I can be grateful that we took full advantage of our time of.

Monday, July 5, 2021

I Am Such A Vibe

I am feeling myself on so many levels, it's a vibe. No more frumpy mommy. It's all about hot mom summer. Actually, correction, it's  all aboug hot mom forever!

Always flashing my new wedding set.

And always dressing to the nines. Carina has arrived and I am bringing all kinds of fire 🔥🔥

You know the saying, happy wife happy life? Same is to be said for a happy mom. Moms need to take time for themselves. To rest, rejuvenate and renew. Taking the time for self care is so important. And when you look good, you feel good and vice versa. Like I say, life is too short for regrets. Live it now and live it to the fullest.


Summer Fun

 As we count down the last few days of summer break, I thought I'd share a few of the fun activities we've been partaking in so far.

It had been a few years since we played mini golf, so we decided that would make for a great family and budget friendly day out. 

Safari mini golf in Santa Ana

Right across the way is the trampoline park, Jump Center, which luckily for us was open that day. Most other trampoline parks are still closed due to the Coronavirus restrictions in Costa Rica so my boys had been waiting an entire year and a half to get their jump on. To say they were excited is an understatement.

Jump Center trampoline park, Santa Ana

Whenever we're on that side of San Jose, we always like to make a pit stop at one of our favorite places to grub,which is Olive Garden. Eating out as a family is one of our favorite activities to partake in and now that things are a little better, going out to eat is becoming more acceptable. Our dessert that evening was the always delicious zeppoli Italian donuts with chocolate dipping sauce.

The next activity we decided on as a family was roller skating. Skate World skating rink is super affordable and also pretty close to our house, which is a huge bonus. Plus roller skating is a fun and easy way to enjoy summer break. 

Skate World Skating Rink

The exciting part about not having school is time for more parties and this year, parties are back on the schedule which is very exciting. Spending time together with family at a birthday party is always a good idea.

And then there are the days we just want to go to the mall to browse and walk around and enjoy our time out without having any plans. With the world starting to open back up, most places are also opening their doors in the hopes of getting back to normal. This particular day, the arcade was finally open so we had to stop in for some fun and games.

Lincoln Plaza Mall, Moravia

I also took the boys to Chuck E Cheese as another fun family day activity but alas, I have no pictures. However, I took a quick snap afterwards at Dennys where we went for dinner.

We are definitely enjoying our impromptu summer break, trying to do as many fun activities as we can before the kids go back to school. We have one final activity planned before life goes back to "normal" and we have to get back to our regularly scheduled routines.