Saturday, October 31, 2020

Another low key Halloween

 It was back to the basics for us this Halloween and a throwback to how we used to celebrate the holiday. Now, I know Halloween techically isn't even an official holiday. You don't get a day off and there is no time and a half. However, it is hands down one of the best days of the year. When else can you dress up as someone else, be someone else and get free stuff? Yes, you get candy at Easter and on Valentines Day. But if you ask me, Halloween is a genius idea and much deserving of the holiday title. It is definitely the most fun one can have in a night, either being silly, scary or just plain weird for the heck of it.

So back on topic, in years past, as Costa Rica got more on board with Halloween celebrations, we would always partake. Trick or treating at the mall dressed in costume is our favorite Halloween activity to do every year. And we always have a blast not to mention a ton of candy.

This year, things are different and so we decided to stay home and celebrate in our own way. It was super simple and very low key. So to kick off our celebration, we ordered some yummy food and then had a candy hunt. It was the closest the kids would come to trick or treating this year. Then to turn things up a notch, we watched a few Halloween movies. Nothing scary though so it was all very family friendly. 

I really could have done more, like play a few games with the kids or plan a few craft activities but I honestly just didn't want to stress myself out by doing too much. Knowing me, especially when it comes to celebrations, I always want to do the most which can be my downfall. So even though it wasn't the sort of celebration we've gotten use to, it was nice to spend the day with family doing what we love, having our own kind of fun.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Oops I Did It Again

 I did a bit more damage to my budget and went back to the stores to buy even more Christmas decor. This year I am doing it up big and doing it right, the way I have always wanted to do Christmas. 

I love the holidays, Christmas being my all time favorite, and I love having my home look and feel extra festive throughout the season. I've always loved my decor but felt like something was missing. I have kept adding to my decor over the years to get it just right but I needed to step my game up and pull out all the stops. This year I decided to finally get all the things to make my decor perfect and I cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

We Caught The Bug

 As I'm writing this, I am in bed sick. Not just sniffling, sneezing run of the mill sick but headache, fever, aches and pains sick. It sucks. I am currently on day two and hope to be feeling much better by tomorrow.

I've been taking my meds, drinking my teas and supplementing with herbal remedies. I even managed to choke down a tiny bit of restaurant made chicken soup.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. The question on peoples minds these days when someone gets sick. Is it Covid? The answer to that is no. I have a slight case of the flu not the coronavirus. 

These are strange times we live in and getting sick almost seems like a death sentence to most people because of the current pandemic. It has been a death sentence for some sadly, which breaks my heart. But I have been getting the cold and flu since my days as an infant and have always come through just fine. This time will be no different. So I will continue to rest up and pump my body full of healing medicines and just take it one day at a time.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Getting Ready For The Holiday Season

 It has been a very odd year, 2020, with so much negativity and sadness. It's no wonder everyone is ready to call it quits for the  year. We all need a little cheer and happiness and nothing brings the world together like the holidays. 

The holiday season is more than just an act, it is a feeling. There is more to celebrate which puts people in a good mood. Not to mention every where just looks so festive all the time. From Halloween and Fall to Thanksgiving and Christmas, there seems to be so much to be happy about. 

In saying  that, I decided that I am going all out with Christmas this year. I bought a new tree and some new decor and cannot wait to decorate. If 2020 is the year of bad news, this will be the season of renewed hope. Let the festivities begin.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Big 4-0

 I celebrated my 40th birthday on the 26th of September and it was amazing. I felt wonderful. I got all dressed up with a full face of makeup for the first time in forever and even did my hair. I was looking like one hot mama and I was definitely feeling myself for sure.

We went out to PF Changs and had the most delicious spread of food and then made a bakery run to pick up a few sweet treats. I honestly could not have asked for much more on my very special day.

Now, in a perfect world, this year it would have been nice to mark the momentos occasion of entering a new decade of life with a birthday bash, one for the record books. But as we know, Covid had other plans. So I made due with other plans as well and happily settled for an intimate celebration with my kids and hubby.

But I could not let my 40th birthday pass without doing something extra, something for me. I thought about taking a trip with the family for the weekend, a nice little getaway to revive the soul. But the timing just didn't seem right. Then I thought about what I really wanted for my birthday and so decided to splurge on that instead. 

This year I spoiled myself with stickers. Yes, planner stickers. It might not seem like much to the average person but I am a planner nerd and love decorating my planner spreads with stickers. I have been craving new stickers and a new planner but those are items I just can't buy in Costa Rica. So I took the plunge and between myself and my hubby, picked up about 10 sticker packs and a new Happy Planner for 2021 from Amazon and the Happy Planner website. 

I am totally psyched and cannot wait to use all my new, fun gifts. It might not be a spectacular birthday bash but it was definitely an unforgettable birthday, one for the memory books for sure. And the best gifts I could have gotten this year bar none.