Monday, November 30, 2009

Online Shopping

Yes, this post again. I blogged about this before. But I just have to say, online shopping is so much fun. Wearing some old clothes, my hair disheveled and no make-up, I can sit at the computer in my office and click away at anything and everything I want to buy.

On Friday I decided to get a few more items crossed off my list, so I went to Amazon and bought two Nintendo DS games for Boobie.... Ben 10 and Lego Batman. He is going to freak! We have not bought him any new DS games in about a year. So this will be a nice Christmas present for him.

I also checked out some digital cameras..... and low and behold, the Polaroid camera I bought a few months ago for $50 is now around $80. WOW! Glad I bought it when I did.

I am searching for more things to buy online, maybe something for Hubby for X-mas. I just love shopping on the net.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

Boobie... it was hard getting this picture of him as he did not want to pose for the camera.

Fatty. At the end of the night, having a blast as usual.

Princess, looking up at the moon.

Hubby and two of his beautiful kids.

Fatty and Princess.... I only got these 2 together for a Thanksgiving picture... it was too hard getting all three.

My 2 little angels

Princess in her T-day dress.

Prepping for Thanksgiving (look at the clock). I started out at about 7 am with dessert. These are the ingredients for the 7 layer magic bars, minus the butter. Plus, I used just semi sweet chocolate chips since I could not find butterscotch ones anywhere... so really it was just 6 layers.

Ready for the oven

Baked and ready to slice

Tuna cheese balls

Tuna cheese balls all done

Baked mac and cheese with bread crumb topping

7 layer magic bars sliced and ready to eat... they were a pain to cut into bars, but oh were they delicious.

Garlic and onion mashed potatoes

Stove top stuffing

Herb seasoned garlic and honey buttered green beans

Sweet and sour glazed carrots

Table setting

Menu and name cards

Preparing the apple pies

All ready to be baked

Garlic rolls (store bought).

Mother in law's salad. YUMMY!

Turkey, a before shot, just out the oven and looking fine!

Baked rustic apple pie

The table all ready for Thanksgiving

The black beans and seasoned veggie rice, along with some sparkling cider

Salad, stuffing, magic bars, tomato salsa, salad and mac and cheese sharing a table together

The hostess, yours truly, Moi! And my Princess, ready to dig in.

Getting ready to stuff our faces

Waiting to say grace

Having a good time, eating, talking, laughing.

Delicious food and good company... what's it all about.

Ready for dessert

D's pudding.... yummy!

Getting seconds

Kids playing connect four

The dishes after our hearty meal... Thanks Aunt B for doing the dishes for me.

The turkey, an after picture. We devoured that bird... down to the bone. LOL.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving was a HUGE success..... and although it's still technically Thanksgiving, dinner is over and most of my guests have left for the night.

I am so thankful for so much, and as said in my prayer before dinner today, I ask God for many more blessings and reasons to give thanks in the coming years.

To start things off, I got up at 6 am to do my usual routine (yes, Boobie still had school... remember, Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Costa Rica), and then I started cooking and prepping for my T-day meal.

My menu consisted of:
Herb rubbed turkey
Stove Top Stuffing
Herb seasoned garlic and honey buttered green beans
Onion and garlic mashed potatoes
Sweet and sour glazed carrots
Baked mac and cheese topped with bread crumbs
Seasoned vegetable rice
Seasoned black beans
Tuna cheese balls
Tomato, onion and cilantro salsa
7 layer magic bars
Rustic apple pie

My mother in law made a salad that had pineapples, apples, celery and a few other ingredients and it was divine. Hubby's aunt made a salad and my friend D brought a pudding that could knock your socks off. Everything was absolutely deeeeee-licious. YUM!

I had about, including Hubby, myself, and the 3 kiddos, 24 people total. YIKES! Good thing though, as there was more than enough food for everyone, although some things disappeared sooner than others.... for instance the rice and beans and mashed potatoes had pretty mush vanished halfway through the meal.

The turkey, something that can be daunting to cook, was so moist and delicious and yummy. I had let it stand in water with a little salt, sugar and lemon juice Tuesday night. Then Wednesday I seasoned it with a dry herb rub of paprika, oregano, parsley, rosemary, all purpose seasonings, rubbed it all over with butter... then today I stuffed the it with onions, garlic, and cilantro and roasted it in a turkey bag with beer and the turkey juices. WOW! Finger licking awesome-ness. I have to say, I have conquered the turkey and it was good.

All my guests, some unexpected but still welcomed, were pleased with the results of dinner. They all had seconds.... and some even had thirds. And of course, some people took a leftovers home. A huge hit was the 7 layer magic bars, along with the turkey and the tuna cheese balls.

I had been worried about the amount of food, wondering if I had made enough. But it was the perfect quantity. I don't have too much left over, but just enough for like one or two days to give me a break from cooking plus everyone went home stuffed to the brim.

Mother in law also made her specialty natural fruit juice and Hubby brought home 2 bottles of Welches grape sparkling cider.

This was an undertaking for me; my first real big Thanksgiving and I look forward to many more.

Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

School Hunting

Finding a school for Boobie is proving to be trickier than I thought. Ok, I knew it wouldn't be easy, but a certain 'situation' is making things a bit more difficult.

I have dreamt of the 'perfect' school for Boobie ever since he was at Centro Educativo Campestre, a private bilingual school in Sabanilla. I was not 100% happy with Campestre, but it was a good school and Boobie loved it there, so I dealt with it and all it's shortcomings (well, in my opinion anyway).

When he moved to Cristiano Reformado (against my will... more on that later), I was not happy. It was a school I detested (well, not detested, but I certainly had no love for the school). I was hell bent on finding a school that would meet my standards and also make a good fit for Boobie. Let's just say Boobie not being asked to return to Cristiano Reformado is a blessing and a curse.

I was all too happy to find Boobie a new school, I just wished it was on our terms. Being essentially expelled for bad conduct proves to be a 'not so good thing'. Many private schools require their students, incoming and otherwise, to have high grades in conduct. Two schools I interviewed with had a requirement of 80 or better for conduct in order for a child to be accepted.

Well, that to me is unacceptable. For starters, like I said, Boobie is not a bad kid, just a little difficult (and who isn't). For a school to not accept a child because they talk too much in class is a bit ludicrous to me. They are kids... who doesn't talk when the teacher is teaching. I never got in trouble in school, but I sure as hell talked in class every now and again.

I had an interview with this one school that I sort of liked. Fairly big, nice green area from what I saw and a huge gym and indoor basketball court. I thought to myself, 'what a nice school' (from the look of it anyway. First impressions go along way... and I only saw a bit of the school from the short walk from the entrance to the office).

What sold me even more on the school was that it had a library! Las Americas, located in Moravia, but very close to our house, looked like it could be the school for Boobie. Not too expensive, fairly close to home, and a nice looking campus. But the catch.... they need to talk to Boobie's old principal first, as they have to settle this thing about his conduct. I hope despite her feelings towards my son, the principal gives him as nice a recommendation as she can manage. I would hate for Boobie to miss out on going to a potentially good school because she might have ill feelings towards him.

Ok, so I was curious about his conduct. I mean, if he got expelled from the school for bad behavior, his conduct must have been grave...say 50 or less, right? Wrong. Boobie got a 70 in conduct. Last time I checked, and if they are grading conduct based on 'grades', 70 was passing in my book. So why the harsh actions to kick him out of school. I say hip hip hooray! I didn't want him to return to the school for next year anyway, but I didn't want to uproot him again either. Thankfully, Boobie doesn't mind having to switch schools. He wasn't too fond of Cristiano Reformado in the first place and missed Campestre very much.

Now why did he leave Campestre then, you may be wondering? Well, he was having behavior issues there too... almost failing second grade because of it ( and at the end of the year, having to do the make up exams TWICE!) We thought the school was not conducive to his learning and figured another school would be the way to go (change of scenery and environment, maybe change of behavior)... plus Campestre was getting more and more expensive and to spend that much money when Boobie was barely learning was insane. Our mistake.

So I just hope my search for the right school will not be in vain. I have seen 4 so far... and of all 4, there is only one that meets most of what I am looking for in a school for Boobie. I hope the stars align and I get the call that I'm waiting for, bringing good news..."yes, we can accept your son...."

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Crafts

On Sunday, I retrieved all my arts and crafts equipment, gathered the kids around the breakfast bar and got hard at work with our Thanksgiving crafts. I was pretty ambitious this year. And if I must say so, we did a pretty good job.

I decided to have us make a couple of crafts, some for the table and some for decoration. The first craft was the most difficult, painted hand print paper plate turkeys, so I wanted to get that out the way first. Dealing with paint and kids can be messy, but it wasn't so bad. Actually, it was pretty quick, fairly easy and absolutely painless.

Getting their hands painted... Fatty is off to the left with Hubby but I didn't get a picture of him as he is the hardest to paint with so I had to be quick.

Princess's hand print

Boobie's hand print

All 3 painted turkey hand prints, ready to be hung.

Next, Boobie and I moved on to the paper cup turkey we would each make. This craft was a little more involved (meaning a little harder) so I had the little ones sit out on this one. Boobie made one turkey and I made another. These will grace the table come Thanksgiving day.

Putting the finishing touches on the 'turkeys'

All done and ready for the table

The last craft we (read: me) did on Sunday were the the pumpkin napkin rings. Boobie helped out at first, then lost interest and went to play and watch TV. I finished up this task alone, but it wasn't hard so I didn't complain. They came out pretty cute too.

Cut out pumpkins for the napkin rings

napkin rings, all finished

What they'll look like come turkey day set at the dinner table.

All ready for Thanksgiving now.....