Saturday, August 28, 2010


I'm actually afraid to post this blog as having it in writing might make it all too real and all too difficult to maintain. But that number at the top there, the 118, that's how much I weigh right now, at this very minute as of yesterday when I stepped on the scale at the gym after my aero fitness class.

Now 118 is not a number I would have aspired to; Not a number I thought I could reach and not a number I think I can maintain. But it is my current weight and I am giddy in the head with excitement, yet terrified about how to maintain it.

After I hit my goal weight of 125, I thought "why not try for 120." 120 is my ideal weight. And a weight I have not been (barring morning sickness from pregnancy) since a freshman in high school. I always aspired to get back to that weight but just thought it impossible. Now I know it's not. I figured at 120, it would give me more leeway with my weight as I could go up and down without too much worry.

Well, I've been working hard, exercising and eating right and I figured I should try and hit 120 lbs for my birthday in a month. I figured 4 weeks is enough time to lose 5 pounds.

Well one shocking morning as I stepped on the scale, I saw that I was at 123 pounds (surprise, surprise! In all that celebration of dropping 2 more lbs, I lost self control. In one very disappointing week, I was back to 125 again. That gave me the rude wake up call I needed to get back on track. It is VERY easy for me to gain weight, so I have to be careful or I'll be right back where I started: overweight and miserable.

Well, in one week, due to a little bit of detoxing and exercise, I lost almost 7 pounds. That's right. I had no intention to lose that much, but I am happy. I have done a bit of research in trying to figure out how to maintain, so I will give you an update on how I'm doing. I want to remain at 118 (no more than 120) for my birthday and beyond. I hope I can do it.

I have never felt better. NEVER!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Memories

Me with my Hubby

Trying on his sister's shoes (again).

My 2 little angels and their sweet cousin

My how my Princess can draw; this is her image of her brother Fatty.

And the dog she drew... she is an amazing artist already and you can attest for yourself as you look at these pictures. She also colors very well, within the lines (I'll post a pic later) and she's 3!

Museo La Salle

On a recent (last month) family outing, we went to the the La Salle Museum of Natural Sciences in Sabana, San Jose. I'd never been before but Boobie and Hubby had previously and loved it.

I couldn't wait to see what the museum had in store for us and it did not disappoint.

Outside the entrance is a huge whale skeleton

And this is a shark's jaw (a real prehistoric shark's jaw).

Silly Hubby.

Hundreds of natural rocks, gems, stones, etc...

The Jurassic 'garden'

A bear skeleton

Fossilized animals

Real fetuses and such....

The butterfly room (they had HUNDREDS of species of butterflies from all over the world).

Ostriches (these pics are blurry since I was not able to use my flash)


Tigers and lions (all real and taxidermy).

More 'bones'

It was a fun day all in all.

Guanacaste Day

In Princess's and Fatty's playgroup classes, we celebrated the Annexion of Guanacaste from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, a very famous holiday celebrated by Costa Ricans with typical food (tortillas, picadillo, Horchata, chimichurri, etc), typical music and typical dress (girls in their campesino dresses and boys dressed in jeans, white shirts, hats, and bandannas).