Sunday, August 25, 2013

Proof Of My Enormously Swollen Feet

People kept telling me my feet looked fine after I would show them just how swollen they were.  They finally had to admit that my feet just didn't look 'normal' after a while.  I just had to take a picture of my feet, as even I was in disbelief and needed to document the evidence.  I literally had no literally.  It was insane.  Here is proof:

Please excuse and ignore the jacked up toenails, I am in dire need of a pedicure but cannot reach my feet :)

Yeah, NOT normal.  My feet look like swollen ankle-less flour dumplings LOL.  And they felt even worse.  This is one for the books for me.

Baby Room All Complete

Pack and play, laundry hamper and diaper trash pail

A few baby items, toys and stuffed animals.  The bouncer and bathtub will not stay in the room but they are there being stored until baby's arrival.

The chair I am using as a storage unit for now... it has diapers and baby care items on it.

The computer desk and computer... turns out the desk comes in handy for baby storage as well.  I have a few baby items and decorative knick knacks on the deck and then right next to it, the play mat.

The closet, which I picked out and I LOVE.

Inside baby A's closet... all his clothes, all washed and cleaned and ready to go.

The nursing pillow and my diaper bag.  I am in love with my diaper bag and attached to it is my new, or baby's new portable sound spa, which plays music, has white noise, heart beat and nature sound.  I'll try again to post a video if the updated 'nursery' tour so you can get a better view of what the entire room looks like.

Fun Baby Buys

Shopping is FUN!  It definitely makes getting ready for baby a lot easier.  I was able to get a few items for baby and of course I wanted to share.

We finally got the closet, a gift from my father in law (YAY).  I'll be able to post pics of the inside when I do a room tour post.

A thermometer. I really wanted one of these and it was not easy to find one that was either affordable or not part of a packaged set.  I finally found this at Bebe Mundo, of all places (I am telling you, this place is awesome... not sure why I thought it was so expensive before).

The bottle drying rack, again another Bebe Mundo find.  I searched high and low for this thing and no one had it.  I had a simple one with my Princess and was looking for one similar, but this one is so much better and I was super happy with the price. 

My baby carrier.  I have not even opened the package yet and I already love it.  The pattern looks cool and I was very impressed with the price.... the cheaper ones in other stores just looked flimsy and the ones that looked similar to this were way outside of my price comfort zone.  All my kids loved being carried so this was a must have item for me.  Yay for Bebe Mundo once again.

Hair brush and comb set and nasal aspirator.  Again, I searched for these items high and low.  I couldn't find a comb and brush I liked that were priced right...they either were super small and super pricey or came as a set.  This I found at Bebe Mundo, as well as the aspirator, which was the cheapest I had seen anywhere and it comes with 2 interchangeable tops.  The aspirator is a life saver for me, as my first 2 kids were super stuffy.

Baby care essentials and cotton balls and swabs.

And last but not least, my nursing pillow.  I had this same one with my last 2 kids and although I didn't love it, it did the job.  Plus it's super affordable.

And just for fun, I'll throw in a few belly shots for your enjoyment (or mine LOL).

Yeah, I am huge, I know.

What's Been Happening

Just to give a quick update on what's been happening recently with my pregnancy.  I am reaching the final days and baby is pretty much ready.  I've been having sporadic contractions which aren't too painful (well, the other night I had some really painful ones that left me in a panic as I thought that was it...but it wasn't thankfully).  I've been getting things together and finally finished the baby's room.  We've been shopping, trying to get a few last minute items for baby.

AND, I have been going to the doctor about every week to check my progress.  As of now, I am still anemic and am getting iron shots in the bum (my second round of shots).  My last shot is on Monday.  I've also been taking my pills religiously as I get tested for my blood count more frequently than I would like.  My feet feel weird, as in tingly and they hurt when I walk or stand for too long BUT they have not been swollen as of late.  They are actually back to regular size and I was able to wear one of my regular sandals yesterday to the mall, instead of my house flip flops.

I feel heavy and a lot of daily chores/routines are getting harder to do.  Putting on underwear, walking of course, cleaning.... it all feels like too much.  But the pain in my sciatic is not as bad as it was.  There are days I don't even feel it.  I am currently 38 weeks and 5 days and feeling great, in a manner of speaking.  I had my first REAL dream of the baby last night and actually was able to see him for the first time in my dream.  It was pretty exciting and calmed my nerves a little bit, because now I feel like everything will be alright.

I have been getting my hospital bag ready to grab when the time comes and Hubby and I are trying to prepare mentally for welcoming a newborn in the house once again.  The kids are ready I think and to help them be even more accepting, I bought them a gift from their baby brother: new books for them to enjoy.  My kids LOVE books and it's been a while since we've gotten some new ones; they're going to be pretty excited.

I have a doctor's appointment this upcoming week so I will get the latest update on my iron progress and the baby's progress as well.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Public Clinic

So I went to the public clinic to be insured and inevitably ended up having to be seen by one of their doctors. Of course I was nervous.  As I have stated before, I try and avoid the public clinics here as much as possible as I have not had the best experiences with them.  The staff always seem so uncaring and cold and a bit rude at times.  I was pretty much expecting the worst.  However, the appointment was not so bad.  I do prefer my doctor at Asembis, the private clinic I have been going, but I have to say, the appointment went off without much a of a hitch and I was in and out in record time. The only drawback: I have to re-do ALL the blood work I have already done.  I guess I don't mind as much but it is a little irritating.  I have another appointment next Wednesday and I go back to my doctor the Monday after that.  I will be at the end of the pregnancy by then, so hopefully I won't have to deal with anymore doctors appointments (well, prenatal ones anyway).

One thing to point out about the public clinic procedures here:  there is no number to call and just make an appointment.  You have to go to the clinic at the crack of dawn, before they are even open for business, to make an appointment for that day.  Not to mention you have to wait in a line as long as the equator.  It just makes no sense to me.  Why wouldn't they make things easier on themselves and on everyone else by having people just call a number to make an appointment?  Would that not be simpler?  Having people stand outside in line at 6 am just to make an appointment for the same day is just a little ridiculous to me.  But people do it because, unlike the well off, they have to.  People who can afford it, go to private doctors to avoid the hassle of public ones.  It's times like these where I do miss Boston that much more. Sigh!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Picture Post

Just wanted to share some pics... that is all :)

Photos above are of the not yet completed 'nursery'.  As I stated before, it is or was the office but we made enough space for baby and all his things.  Once it is ready, I will post updated pics.  I have to say, it is one of my favorite places in the house to hang out in.  

37 Weeks and Baby Is Full Term

At any time now, Baby A can decide to come and everything will be OK, as according to the doctor, he is now full term and in position. I do hope he decides not to evacuate the uterus as yet as I still need time to get a few things together and yes, I am not mentally ready either for the pain that is inevitable.

I had another appointment yesterday and was checked for my blood pressure, weight and baby's heart beat. She also measured my belly.  Everything is fine, except for my weight which is increasing upwards at an alarming rate.  I have gained another 6 or so pounds in just 2 weeks.  I have never been this heavy and my body feels it... the pain I have now is exacerbated by the fact that my body is carrying around so much more poundage than it can handle.  I am not too worried though as I only have 3 or so weeks left to go.

Also, due to the fact that I've been having contractions with increasing pain of late, the doctor wanted to check my cervix just to see what progress I was making.  I was happy to hear that my cervix is still closed and has not dilated as of yet.

Usually in Costa Rica, pre-natal appointments are only once a month but I went in again after just 2 weeks because the doctor wanted to check my lab results to make sure the infection I had was gone.  Happy to report it is and I am now infection free.  I have to go back in a week so she can check my blood and iron count to make sure I am still not too anemic.  I will have another update then.

Now I have to get legal issues squared away, i.e., insurance.  I went yesterday to the public clinic with Hubby so we could register in the CAJA (Costa Rica's public insurance).  In order to register though, I have to be seen by one of their doctors, so I have an appointment tomorrow and I have to say, I am NOT looking forward to it.  There is a reason I avoid the public clinics as much as I possibly can... we shall see how things go tomorrow but I am hoping I am in and out as quickly as possible.

As for this pregnancy, as much as I dreaded it at first, I am sad in a way that it is almost over.  I wish I was more prepared mostly.  But I have enjoyed being pregnant of late despite the pain and other not so great things that come with pregnancy (like watery mouth at night that leads me to drool while I sleep, shortness of breath, really bad after-taste in my mouth after EVERY single meal.. I have to have gum or candy to help with the taste, etc).  All that will be over soon enough and to be honest, I am not sure if I am all that ready to have a new baby in the house yet.  No more sleeping when I want.  More hectic life.  Less ME time.  But I am trying to get my mind ready for the baby.  After all, babies are cute, right?  They cry, yes, but they are cute and newborns for the most part, sleep a LOT, so it's not like I'll be bombarded right away.  I am just going to try and enjoy the last few weeks and take it one day at a time.  Here's to hoping I'll be ready once baby is.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Iron Infusion Shots

Finally went for my last iron shot today and I cannot say enough how glad I am.  So glad I don't have to go to the clinic and get another shot in the ass.  So glad.  It wasn't all too bad though to be honest.  The first shot was, I guess, the worst in the way of after-effects.  But other than the pinch and some soreness right afterwards with the rest, I have not had much issues at all since then.  The next thing I have to worry about is the urine infection.  I finish taking my anti-biotics tomorrow and then have to go get my pee tested.  My next doctor's appointment is the 12th, where I find out if I can get the all clear and if the infection is indeed, all cleared up.

I am not sure if I will get my blood tested again since, after-all, I am at the end of my pregnancy at this point. Plus, the iron shots plus the iron pills I am taking 2x a day, I think it's safe to say my iron count is up and probably in the safe zone.  The iron shots are supposed to boost my iron count and act as backup with the pills.  It's funny how with every pregnancy comes a different experience.  And a different body.  I hardly recognize myself anymore.  However, just happy to report, feeling good and hoping for the best at the end: a healthy, mostly happy baby boy.