Friday, February 24, 2017

Job Hunt

I decided (not so recently), that maybe I'd like to get a job.  Not really because I WANT to or am in some desperate need to be a working mom.  I actually love not having to work.  But I thought it would be nice to start helping out just a little bit financially.

I am not ready for a 9-5, steady, full time Monday to Friday gig;  I am a mom and I have kids.  Not to mention I have responsibilities that prevent me from getting a normal, regular old job.  I need a job that can work with my schedule and allow me to still be a mom.  Lately, I've searched the web (well honestly I've searched just one site) for work from home positions that are flexible, mainly part-time and require very little experience or skill-set (I have been out of the job market for quiet some time).

I never imagined it would be so hard to get these jobs to respond to my emails.  The jobs are there, plentiful even, but not one of the jobs I applied to have responded to me.  Not by phone, not by email, not even by Skype.  I find it odd as I have never had an issue in the past, hearing back from a job online... I'm usually bombarded with replies and requests.  I feel like it's a sign... maybe I am not meant to be working, even if it is from home, at this time.  So I'll wait and I guess when the perfect job comes along, I'll know, because they'll actually get in touch with me.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Lazy Mom Syndrome

Is it just me?  I am the only lazy mom out there?  Please tell me I'm not!  I am a self professed 'lazy' person.  By nature, I am just lazy!  And to be honest, there is not much I want to change about that.

Now, let me explain.  I am lazy only about certain things.  When it comes to my house keeping, cooking and just being a mom in general, I am definitely not lazy.  My house is pretty neat, always organized and fairly clean on a daily basis.  I am a little anal about a clean house because a messy, disorganized home would drive me insane.  Also as a mom, I get involved with my kids.  I attend school meetings.  I help with homework and projects.  I do all the mommy duties, like the laundry, getting lunches and uniforms prepped and making sure my kids are safe and healthy, well loved and happy.

I also think I go above and beyond when it comes to making sure my kids have a decent childhood. Regular movies nights and fun filled activities keep us pretty active.  And random outings to the park make sure I give my kids the childhood they deserve.  I also make sure they stay involved in some sort of regular program, like Judo, guitar and piano lessons. So in terms of being a good mom, I am not THAT lazy.

Now as a lazy person, I can get lazy with certain things that either aren't that important to me personally or that I'm not interested in (or to be honest take too much energy).  I can also be lazy with things I feel will just work itself out on it's own (without too much interference from me).

The reason I am writing this blog post and hoping some other mom can relate to me is that I have become very lazy with the learning and early education of my youngest.  When I had my other 3 kids, I was very involved in their early stimulation, teaching them to recognize letters, numbers and colors and learning their ABC's at a young age.  My oldest knew how to read in Kindergarten.

As I got older and the more kids I had, now on my fourth who is three, I just have not been consistent with his learning at home.  The times I take to actually get engaged in his early stimulation are few and far between and I feel I just have to step up my game and be more involved with his education. Yes, he knows how to count to 10 (but at times will skip numbers....oops!)  He is in an early stimulation program that does help tremendously, but that is only once a week.  And at 3 years old, still doesn't know his colors or letters or knows how to recognize actual numbers (although he can show you 1, 2, 3 4, or 5 fingers.)  With this my being lazy has made me feel like I am failing him as a mom in some sense.

He is so smart though so I know those things will come.  But I feel he would be far more advanced if I actually took more time to sit down and do a few educational activities with him.

I mean, I think kids are in school for long enough in their lives to be putting him in any type of formal school just yet.  Plus I don't want to really put too much stress on myself or pressure on him... as a 3 year old he is doing what he is supposed to:  learning through play.

But I had to get this off my chest... being a lazy mom is awesome at times.  I get to just relax without too much guilt.  But then again, the guilt does come with certain things, like homeschooling my kids to help propel them ahead in the future.   But such is life.  Am I the only one?  If you are a lazy mom out there, raise your hand.  You are not alone, apparently.  You have me to keep you company!

Friday, February 10, 2017


The time has finally come for the kids to go back to school.  How fast vacation time flies.  The kids went back February 6th after roughly 2 months of 'summer' break.  A 'summer' break where summer never officially arrived.  Oh well, at least we went to the beach, twice!

 So far, we survived the first week of classes and I have to say, not bad...not bad at all.  There are quiet a few changes to the back to school routine this year that will take some adjusting but so far, so good.

First off, the kids are on different schedules this year.  With my daughter in 4th grade, she goes in at a different time than my son who is in 3rd.  That means I have to get up early everyday, no off days. And the kids never get to actually see each other at school.  I am NOT a fan of this set up at all...but I gotta roll with it as that is the public school way of life here in Costa Rica.

Also, the kids are not taking the school bus this year, which I have to say I am pretty thrilled about.  I am officially a 'minivan' carpool mom.  Although technically I don't drive a minivan, I have become THAT mom, where I'll be spending a lot of time in my car shuffling kids back and forth to school.  I have to make 3 trips to the kids' school everyday:  once in the morning for the 7am drop off, pick up and drop off simultaneously at 12pm and another pick up trip at 5pm.  It's gonna be a looooong year. But at least I don't have to stand outside in wacky weather for up to an hour some days waiting on the kids to be dropped off by the bus.   I'd say that's an improvement, seeing as the kids' school is about a 10-15 minute drive away.

I have to admit, I was seriously dreading the new school year what with all the new changes about.  Not to mention I am not a fan of homework or exams.  Oh, and the getting up at the crack of dawn isn't my favorite either.  Oh, how I was wishing for the school year to be over way before it even began.  But I am hoping for the best and I do wish all my kids a successful (and speedy) school year.