Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend

Over the Easter weekend, we headed to Doubletree Resort in Puntarenas for some family fun and R&R before the kids headed back to school, rested from their Semana Santa week off.

Princess all by herself in the kiddie pool

Princess and fatty

Beach shots

These waves are 'gnarly dude!"

Having fun at the kids club

The kids show

The live band

Fun in the tub

Our room... which is actually like a master bedroom suite with a small living area that came equipped with a sofa bed, TV, small table with 2 chairs and coffee maker with coffee.

Enjoying a daquairi : )

The casino... WE WON!

The all you can eat buffet (fresh fruit side)

Dessert side

After we got back from the resort, I made up a scavenger hunt for the kids to enjoy, long with their Easter baskets filled with goodies. They hunted for clues to eggs, which led them to a surprise.

Huevo numero UNO! Let the hunt begin.

Even though the kids had a blast hunting for their 'treasure', the highlight of the weekend was the time we spent at the resort, swimming, eating, lounging, relaxing and drinking! Princess didn't even want to leave: she asked if she could live in the room. Oh Princess, if only...

Next time we'll go for TWO nights!

It was a great and awesome Easter weekend.. and even if I had planned it, it could not have been any better.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Some Good News

So remember last year, all the posts about Boobie not doing so 'hot' in school. He got so many negative notes home from his teachers about his lack of attentiveness, his horsing around in class and just not doing his work. He barely passed the year, which left me on the edge. All year, it was a constant battle with him, an ongoing struggle to get him to 'buckle down' and get his act together.

Well, guess what? He finally got his act together. I guess he's "done gone and grown up on me" (in my most proud voice). So far this school year, he has been doing awesome, I can hardly believe it. No negative notes home, no more complaints from his teachers. He is actually paying attention in class, doing his work, listening and participating in class and get this: PASSING ALL HIS EXAMS!

I bumped into his 4th grade teacher from last year, who happens to be his English teacher this year. She is so amazed with Boobie's transformation. In her words, Boobie has 'matured'. She doesn't know what happened over the summer break, but Boobie is a changed man and she likes the new improved Boobie. He's actually 'present' in class now, not off doodling in his Mario fairyland.

And of course I let Boobie know just how proud I am of his accomplishments and remind him every day to keep up the good work. After all, it is only just 3 months into the school year. But I am hoping he can keep this up. And with all his good grades, I dare say, he might end up being able to buy the Nintendo 3ds before Christmas. : )

Now if only I could get him to change that pre-teen angst attitude at home, I would be in mommy heaven!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Blog

This blog is acting really wierd. No wonder I don't post as much anymore. Not only do pics take forever to upload, now I have no control over my posts. Case in point: Boobie's birthday celebration post? How odd is it... it would not let me copy and paste pics or content where I wanted and then it wouldn't let me set the post up the way I wanted either. Pictures are scattered and spaces between paragraphs disappear once I hit the post button. What the hell is up? I have a ton of postings I would love to add to this blog but until it is fixed I am just done. UGH!