Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jahel's 2nd Birthday Party

Costa Rica Day

Late but I just had to post my little campesinos for Costa Rica's Independence Day September 15

Upcoming Holidays

I've seriously been neglecting this place. It's not like I don't have the time: I'm on the net almost everyday, just never stopping here long enough to post anything. Well it's time I caught up, seriously. Halloween has come and gone. We're now full force in the Holiday season with Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas just over a month away.

Am I excited? You bet your ass I am ! I cannot wait. Though I want to savor every moment. I mean, we just began 2010, no? It feels like it. Now it's almost over and we're staring right into the face of a new year. Man, time flies. Literally.

So what's up? Well, besides having been busy decorating my 'nest', I've also been busy with other things, like playgroup and holiday prep. I made my Thanksgiving menu and guest list (over 20 people... I'm crazy, I know). And believe it or not, I am just about done with my Christmas shopping. Crazy, right? I know. It feels good though. Damn good.

But this year has been easy. No more long wish lists to contend with. Although my kids want everything they see on TV, I learned my lesson from last year and made a rule for myself: no more than 3 gifts per child. Done and yeah, done.

Each of my kids will have 3 gifts under the tree this year to open (plus stocking stuffers of course, which I refuse to stock with meaningless toys this year).

I am done with the over-excess. Every time I look at last years Christmas pics, I get a weird feeling in the pit my belly. I know I went overboard and I feel badly for it. So this year will be much better. I rather like the simplicity anyway.

So what did I get the kidlets this year? This year proved harder to come up with great gifts that everyone would love and seeing that they were getting only 3 from us, they had to be great 'wow 'em' gifts.

Princess: doll house, easel, scooter.

The doll house I wanted to get her last year but didn't and the easel is a no brainer. It's like an essential toy for any kid who loves to draw. As for the scooter, well I'd been meaning to replace the one a cousin broke (note to self: said cousin will NOT be allowed to use this new scooter).

Boobie: scooter, Ben 10 watch, cell phone.

He was a tad bit harder to shop for as he's more techie than toys. He likes game systems. But this year I will keep it simple for him. The scooter he'd been wanting ever since the one I got him 2 Christmases ago came defective. The Ben 10 watch is a given, a coveted item he's been asking for for like 2 years. And the cell phone? Well I deem that a necessity for next year when he might possible need to call us for emergencies from school (like he had to a few times this year and had to use his classmates phones). Oh and he wants one too. LOL

Fatty: Scooter, basketball hoop, Little tikes (like) car

He's easy. He likes anything. But I noticed how much he loves scooters. So each kid gets a scooter this year, no need to share. The basketball hoop because he's a 2 year old boy and loves balls, 'nuff said'. The car, well, again, he's a 2 yer old boy!

It cannot be a simpler Christmas. With time saved and money too, I even went out and got a few extra gifts for people: Boobie's 2 main teachers. The playgroup teachers and a few of the library staff. And I have an angel child to shop for.

I can't wait. Let the holidays begin!!!