Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Big Game

I am not much of a soccer fan and having a husband who loves soccer didn't help me much.  Now, I have a kid who also loves soccer.  He's positively obsessed with all things soccer.  So I try to pay more attention when it comes to all things soccer, for his sake.  Luckily, he has his dad to share his love and hubby is the one in charge of pretty much anything and everything to do with soccer.  He takes our son to his practice and to his games.  He practices at home with him. He watches soccer games with him, even plays the FIFA soccer  video game at home most weekends with our son.  I don't do much with my son when it comes to soccer except buy him a few soccer related items and toys.  So when it came time to really show support of my son's favorite hobby and pastime, I was ready. 

I have been to a few of my son's practices and a game or two and watched him play.  But it had been a while since I had seen him in action since he had improved and he had improved tremendously. I had a blast watching him play soccer with his other teammates.  I cheered him on and rooted for his team.  I was a proud soccer mom.  I'm not saying I'll attend every single game or even most games.  And I won't be going to every practice either.  But for big games, where I know my support matters, I will be there.  Cheers, screams, applause and all to support my little soccer player.

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