Friday, May 27, 2016

5 Things NOT To do The Night Before Your Vacation

Why does the night before going on a vacation always have to be so hectic.  Here's why:

1: Don't book the hotel the night before.  No No No!  Reserve your hotel rooms at least a few days before ,if not a week before, your trip and get everything spelled out clearly so there is no confusion or questions.

2: Don't reserve a rental car (if you need one) the day before.  You can reserve the day before but you risk not having many options left for you to choose from or rentals in your budget.  Also, make sure you know how you'll be going about securing the rental in the first place.  If you need a credit card, make sure you have one because getting a rental is more than just paying the amount to rent the vehicle per day. You need a hefty deposit, in some cases, by credit card  first to secure your rental.

3: Don't reserve a hotel without knowing it's location and proximity to your desired getaway of choice.  If you need or want to be close to a certain area, ask the location question to avoid getting yourself into trouble.

4: Don't invite more people on your vacation than you can fit on your vacation.  If you reserve a hotel for x amount of people don't invite xx amount:  they won't fit in the hotel, they won't fit in the car.

5: Try to stay relaxed.  Enjoy the process as much as the getaway itself.  Don't stress about the minor details that can be worked out once you actually go on your vacation and get to your destination.  Start packing at least 2 days before your trip so you have less work the night before.  And remember: vacations are supposed to be fun.  Don't make the little things bug you.

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