Friday, May 6, 2016

Hoping For A Major Change

It has finally happened after biding his time patiently.  My hubby has made a step up the career ladder.  For 3.5 years, hubby worked IT at a call center.  Shortly afterwards, he was promoted to supervisor with just a slight increase in pay.  He enjoyed what he did because he liked his co-workers and his work environment but he was not, and has never been, a fan of call center work.

Fast forward to just a few days ago where he tried his luck in applying for a position at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world at one of their locations here in Costa Rica and he landed the job (effortlessly).   It is a bitter sweet moment for him because, like I said, he liked his job and even better, loved being supervisor which came with a lot of benefits and privileges.  His work environment was also very relaxed and he liked his co-workers and agents.  But he knew it was time to say goodbye.  He can finally leave call center jobs behind and work for a real company.

Now, the position he took is temporary but with the ability to be a permanent one if he proves to be a valuable asset to the company.  I am confident in my hubby's abilities in that matter but the fact that he can finally work for a 'real' company just excited me.  It's not just the fact that it's more money, although that does help.  It's the fact that he has something now on his resume that can be a real boost for him in attaining any job outside of the call center world.

To explain a little about call centers here in Costa Rica, they are considered to be good jobs to have, if you speak English.  They are supposedly well paying positions and they usually tend to hire a lot of people, which is good for the economy.  However, they pay way less than what is required of the position, in my opinion.  Most call center jobs are jobs that have been outsourced.  Since salaries in Costa Rica are significantly less than in the States, call centers can get the same amount of work or more for half the pay.   Not saying call centers are bad, they're not.  They give a lot of people opportunities to make a decent living whereas they might not have been able to otherwise.  But for us, as an expat family, the call center lifestyle was getting a bit old and it was time for a change (physically and financially).

So, lets talk about the money.  Hubby is finally going to be making a decent salary with a stable and reputable company.  Honestly, the pay could be more but I'm thankful it is more than what he makes now.  That in itself will help us tremendously when it comes to our bills and budget.  Another pro of the job is the proximity to our town.  He won't have to deal with as much traffic to and from work anymore. Plus the location where hubby will be placed is literally right behind a mall, which houses his favorite place to go to the movies.  SCORE!

Rumor also has it that working for a real company like this one brings more benefits.  They tend to treat their employees just a little better with a lot more incentive to encourage an efficient work environment. Every one knows happy employees tend to work harder and hard work brings on better productivity.  We shall see if the rumors are true.

Hubby starts his new job and position in a few weeks and I am so excited to see how he likes it and just how much better working for this new company is.  I am hoping for the best and praying he gets offered a permanent position in no time.  But even if his position remains temporary, hubby has a back up plan and I know he will keep moving up the career ladder.

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