Friday, May 5, 2017

This Work Situation

I love being a stay at home.  I have no complaints in that area of my life.  I love being available for my kids, for whatever they need whenever they need me.  I am there for school activities and just day to day life in general.  I am home to get household duties accomplished on my time, while also having free time to run errands.  I just love the stay at home mom life.  But if it is one thing about that life that I have to complain about, it's the lack of having my own money.  I don't get paid to stay home, sadly.  I do it because I want to and because I feel the need to.  But I also realize that to live the life we want and to have extra funds we need, we cannot keep living on one income (at least for now, until hubby gets a raise).

I need extra money but I want to still have the ability to stay at home with my kids, so what do I do? I get a work from home job.  If you think about it, working from home gives you the best of both worlds, almost.  You are working, so you are making money while still being able to be at home when your family needs you.  And if you are lucky to find a work from home job with flexible hours, you still get to control some of your time during the day to fit in school activities and running errands.

For me, it is always a struggle to keep a work from home job.  While I love the extra money, losing some control over my time can be a bit bothersome.  And it can be tricky finding the right work from home job.  I want a job that is super flexible where I can set my own hours.  I don't want to be stuck at my computer from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.  I need a job that has minimal responsibilities and not a lot of work.  I am a full time mom which means I don't need the added stress.  Something simple and straight forward works best for me.

The other issue with working from home is payment,  While the extra money is nice, it's hard to earn a really good salary working from home.  Most jobs want to pay the bare minimum, especially if you don't have to commute.  So you have to decide if the job is worth it for what you get paid.  In a lot of cases, it is.  But it would be nice to get paid just a little bit more.

My work situation I have going on right now is getting a bit complicated as I have not yet started working in the position I applied for.  I have been 'reassigned' 3 times and this third time is testing my willingness to stick with this job.  Last week we had a bit of an issue with payment being delayed, to the point of me almost quitting.  This week, since my position is not ready, I have been assigned a task I am dead set against doing.  But if I want to keep this job and make money, I will have to do it.

Yes, working from home is most likely the best alternative to working outside the home if you are a mom and prefer to be home with your family.  It offers the chance to earn extra money while still being available for your kids, so it can be a win win situation.  But you have to have patience and stick with the process because finding the perfect work from home job can prove to be a challenge.

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