Friday, July 28, 2017

Failing At Party Planning

As I near the one month mark until my little man turns 4, I feel as if I am failing at the party planning process.  I have not even begun planning his celebration and to be honest, I am not sure if I want to plan a party for his birthday this year. *GASP*!!!!

I know, I know. Me, the queen of party planning.  The hostest with the mostest.  The entertaining GURU.  I LOVE parties.  I LOVE planning parties.  I LOVE hosting parties.  I just love it all.  But this year, I am finding it hard to conjure up the mojo I need to get my party planning butt into gear.

For starters, I usually start planning a party conceptually a year in advance.  I tend to know what my theme will be and a very rough idea of how I want the party to look.  A few months out I pretty much have most of the details ironed out, including budget.  And a month out, I am looking at sending invitations to the desired guests.

The need to plan a party is still in me.  Especially since this will be the only party I actually get to plan this year since my older kids didn't want parties (which, honestly, was a good thing for my sanity and my wallet). But as the baby of the family, the last one left standing, my almost 4 year needs a party to mark his special day.  And he actually wants, and is excited for, a party.  I just have to get myself hyped up for the task ahead.

I need to set my budget, which will most likely be $100.  Funds are tight this year so that doesn't leave much in the budget for a lavish party.  I also need to set a date, a time and a place and figure out the theme.  After I have all those details down on paper, I can start planning.   I know I can plan a fabulous party in a short amount of time, since I don't need much for this simple event.  But I am gonna need all the luck I can get.  With just a month out and a small budget, it's gonna take a lot for me to pull this party off and make it look effortless and fun.

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