Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gymnastics Again

It's been over a year since my daughter has been in gymnastics.  After leaving her old academy, The Jaguars, I fully intended to sign her up for classes at a more financially friendly academy.  The issue with the Jaguars was not because it wasn't a great academy, it is.  But the price each month was just getting a bit of out control.  Plus, the Jaguars focused more on the competitive side of gymnastics, which was starting to take a toll on my wallet and my time.  I was not ready for the commitment that competitive gymnastics entailed.  Nor was I ready for the financial blow to my pocket.

I found another academy called Tempos that was more affordable, about half the price actually, that focused more on gymnastics being fun.  Their whole purpose is to get kids involved and active, for them to participate in sports.  So they make gymnastics affordable for everyone (well, almost everyone).  I liked the price and the idea but it took my daughter some convincing to like the class.  She finally relented and we decided to sign her in the upcoming months just so she could try out the classes and see how she liked them.  The Jaguars was her academy for almost 3 years and she loved it there.  I knew it would take some getting used to but I just needed her to give the new academy a chance.

Fast forward to last Wednesday and plans changed for the better.  After planning my next move on when to actually have her start gymnastics, I get a call from the Moravia Sports Committee.  About a year and a half ago, almost 2 years now, I had put my daughter on the wait list for their gymnastic team.  I was told it was going to be a long wait (no kidding).  Those spots are coveted and not many spaces open up.  But I put her name on the list anyway and then proceeded to completely forget about it a year later.

To my pleasant surprise, a spot became available and there was a place for her in their Thursday gymnastics class at 2pm.  And the best part (and one of the reasons why spots are so few and hard to come by) is the classes are FREE!!!!!  No cost, no monthly payments, no enrollment fees.  Completely FREE! I could not be any happier.

A lot of the time, you get what you pay for.  Sometimes free does not equal up to being a good thing.  But she had her first class last Thursday and it was amazing.  She totally loved it and cannot wait to go back.  And as it turns out, the teacher is also a fellow Jaguars alum.  So, my daughter finally got what she has been waiting for all year, to finally be apart of a gymnastics team again.  Patience really is a good trait to have.

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