Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Lots To Celebrate

The Holiday season has officially come to an end with Christmas now a memory and the second day of the new year about to come to a close.  It has all just been a whirlwind, a wonderful time filled with merriment and wonder.  I just love everything about Christmastime and am one of those people sad to see it go.  But with every ending comes a new beginning and I have to say I am excited for what the new year has in store for our family. 

The kids start a new school and a new chapter in their academic lives.  My 17 year old moves onto the 10th grade, a milestone in itself.  And my husband gets a full taste of what his new position has to offer.  I too will have a lot to think about as far as what I want to do this year.  My baby boy will be off at preschool and that will leave me with some free time to figure things out.  Things are changing but the changes are exciting and new and I cannot wait to see how 2018 will turn out.  Hoping it will be lots to celebrate and milestones to uncover.  So as I look forward to a new year, let me recap and look back at our 2017 holiday celebrations.  It was truly a season filled with many blessings.

                                                                CHRISTMAS EVE

                                                              CHRISTMAS DAY

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