Friday, January 26, 2018

My First Mambi Sticker Book

I could not be any more excited about planning than I am already am except I just added another layer to my planning process that makes planning so much MORE!  I recently purchased the Happy Planner Me And My Big Ideas value pack sticker book of 1050 stickers and I am over the sun and the moon about it.

I have been planning since I was in high school and it is something that has been a part of my everyday life since then.  I cannot live without my planner as I have to write everything down, not just to remember things but also to have as a memorial keepsake.  I am a writer after all, so it makes sense I love to plan which means writing my days to-do's and events on paper.

I got into decorative planning about 2 and a half years ago and I have not looked back.  It is so much fun, not to mention so pretty to look at and it has changed the way I plan for the better.  Decorative planning is not for everyone.  It takes time, making sure everything is pretty and neat.  But I am a neat and organized person by nature, so decorative planning definitely works for me.  Not to mention how exciting it is to decorate a spread for the holidays using all the colorful stickers.  It is so much more fun looking back at a planner that is all decked out decoratively.

So to take my planning to the next step, I finally bit the bullet and ordered actual planner stickers from Amazon from the Mambi sticker collection.  I just got the basic book to start but I have plans to order more.  In the beginning of my decorative planning journey, I would google free printable planner stickers off the web and print them on sticker sheets of paper.  I would spend a good few hours cutting and setting up my planner for the new week with all my DIY stickers.  And this process of planning has been fun and cathartic for me.  But now, with my new sticker book, I don't have to cut and peel stickers for hours.  Now I can take already cut stickers that are ready for me to just place in my planner.  Planning will take less time but will also be a little easier as most of the work will already be done for me.

I have thought of ordering stickers from Etsy but I felt overwhelmed trying to decide which stickers to start with and what was a good price.  With the Mambi books, they come as a value pack so they include a wide variety of stickers for various use in my planner.  The worry and thought is taken out of choosing which stickers to buy as they come with so many functional and purely decorative options, a good selection to start any planner girl off on the right foot.

I am just so excited that I finally have this option available to me. I am not able to run to the store here in Costa Rica to buy planner stickers so I have to rely on the internet and shipping costs.  But to me, the price is worth it.  And these stickers will last me a good long while.  So here's to many months of Happy Planning.

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