Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Room

When this house was built, I had one child, Boobie. Three bedrooms was more than enough for our family at the time. Soon after we moved in, Princess joined the mix and then not long after that, Fatty came along. We very quickly outgrew our 3 bedroom home.

Ever since the impending birth of Fatty, we had tossed around the idea of building a room for him. My mother in law had build a little storage area at the back of our house in hopes that one day we would finish it out into a room.

As time passed, I longed even more for Fatty to have his own room; space in Princess's room was becoming limited, especially in the closet, which they both also share. I couldn't wait for them to have separate rooms.

Well, the time has come for Fatty to get his own room and I could not be more excited. By the time he is 3 (well before that actually), Fatty will have his very own room and his very own closet.

Now when I go into Princess's room to get her ready for the mornings, I won't disturb Fatty. He can sleep soundly in his won room. Also, with his own closet, he can actually fit all his clothes. More importantly, there will be more space for all 3 kids.

Construction has started and I cannot wait for the room to be done. I am so blessed! I'll keep you updated and of course post pictures of of the finished product.

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