Saturday, May 30, 2009

Excuse Me While I Scream, part one

Well another day is coming to an end and as Sunday approaches, I have to think to the week ahead. Weekdays start out pretty hectic for me, so I relish the weekends where I get to sleep in and lounge about. Housecleaning takes a backseat and my stove gets a break (as do I) from all that cooking.

Today was trying... lets see why. Hubby stepped out for a minute (which is usually about a 2 hour outing for him). The baby refused to nap for a long time so he was cranky most of the morning. Both Amaya aka Princess and the baby pooped, so I had to change them (potty training Princess is another topic....*sigh*).

While changing both kids (which is an Olympic event in itself since neither of them like to stay still... I should get a gold medal in wrestling... LOL), the phone was ringing and there was a knock at the door. I was busy, so I asked my son, Boobie, to answer the door and the phone. But he was too busy watching Transformers to care to do either. Plus on top of that, while changing the baby, Princess decides to slap him in the face. Hard!!! Into time-out she went. With Boobie giving me lip, the baby and Princess crying, I just lost it. Why must I deal with a sullen pre-teen, an unruly toddler and a rambunctious baby all at the same time. It only lasted for a few minutes, but boy did I wish I could have crawled under the covers and locked myself away for a few hours just to re-group. I hate to yell, although some would think I like to since I do it so much. Luckily, my Saturday wasn't all downhill from there. It actually got better. Both Princess and the baby FINALLY went down for a nap... and I even got one too in the process. It also rained, which I tend not to like too much, but since I was home, I welcomed it.

Tomorrow is another day. And I have quite a bit to do to ready us for the week. I have to go grocery shopping for the week and make my menu. Clothes must be laundered, folded and put away and Boobie's uniforms ironed. At least that's the beauty of uniforms... not having to iron a different outfit each night. I can do the ironing all at once ( or in my case twice). I also need to look at the double stroller sometime tomorrow... all the way in Escazu. *Blech*. That's like an hour drive... hopefully, tomorrow being Sunday, there will be little to no traffic.

So I look forward to tomorrow. A new day, a new start. And the countdown to yet another hectic week. Let me check my daily planner and my do to list...

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