Saturday, May 30, 2009

Get Back On The Wagon

So I realize it is time for me to stop making excuses and "just do it". Exercise, that is. This baby weight is not going to walk off, so I have to help it off. Man, when I had my first son, the weight kinda ran away... I didn't help it, it just left. And I remember worrying about that when I was pregnant. What if I don't lose the weight? What will my body look like post-baby? But it was so easy, I figured it would always be like that. But when I had my first son, I was 19... and not too long before that, I was a very active high school senior, involved in cheer-leading, volleyball, and various other extra curricular activities.

Now, I have to actually do the work. I Kept telling myself the weight would magically disappear, especially since I was breastfeeding so much. With my daughter, I was walking a few times a week and the weight was coming off... but I wasn't exercising a whole lot. This time around, my body is probably still in shock... you know, getting pregnant again so quickly... that it is still trying to deal with healing itself back to 'normal'.

I can't complain though. Apart from some flab on my belly and my jiggly thighs, I am not THAT bad. I still look good in clothes. And a few pairs of my pre-pregnancy jeans still fit. But I am not 100 percent happy.

After all the talk, I am backing it up with some action. And I started today. Though the original plan was to go to a local spinning class... that door was shut, literally. So I am picking up walking again. It's the one exercise, besides yoga, I actually love to do.

Like any busy mom though, I am armed with a plan to try and make this work. In the mornings, after dropping my son off at school, I figure I can start out by power walking for at least 30 minutes. Maybe work my way up to an hour.. and after that, who knows. Maybe I'll even start (gulp) jogging. The little ones will be safely strapped into a jogging stroller (hopefully... if I buy it this weekend), which would make walking a lot easier than pushing my daughter in her umbrella stroller with my 8 month old strapped to my chest.

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