Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Kids Day

Kids Day (Dia Del Nino) is a pretty big deal in Costa Rica. I honestly don't even remember ever celebrating Kid's Day in the states. It's almost as a big a day here as Father's Day, with the same ideas: Kids get a special day of recognition, with treats and gifts to celebrate the day. This year, we had three different celebrations for Kid's Day.

First celebration was for Princess's playgroup class on Tuesday.

Dressed in her Dora dress.

Enjoying pizza and juice.

After a yummy lunch, the kids squeeze in some playtime.

Gift time.


Cool gifts. Each kid got an ABC puzzle and a toy: boys got trucks, girls got jump ropes.

Princess opening her gift.

The second celebration was for Fatty's playgroup class on Wednesday.

As organizer of the event, I suggested that the kids come dressed in costumes. Makes the event that much more fun, I think.

Princess was Cinderella (of course, my Princess had to dress as a 'Princess').

Fatty was a clown, the natural choice. I mean look at his hair; no wig needed. LOL!

Minnie Mouse and a campesino.

Check out the class.

Another Minnie Mouse and is that Tigger?

Time for lunch... pizza again.

Gift time!

For Fatty's class, each kid got a coloring book with stories in English, Spanish and French, a pack of crayons and a 3 pack of bubbles. And they also received a goody box (Mickey or Dora and Diego) filled with treats.

The third celebration was today at the library for all the Thursday playgroup classes, which included Princess's class.

A kid admiring Fatty's costume.

Boy was it hot today but a fun day all the same. A Princess and the clown. : )

There were a lot of people.

A few kids from Princess's class. Check out the cowboy to the left.

This kid proved to be the entertainment when he danced his butt off to Micheal Jackson and Justin Beiber songs to an admiring crowd. He was really good too. Put him in show biz, quick!

All kids received a goody bag and a book of stories!

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Patsy :) said...

Great pics! I love taking lotsa pics of my kids too!