Friday, September 2, 2016

Just One More

I have one more party to plan for the year and I have to say I can't wait until it is over.  As much as I love party planning and prepping and decorating, and the like, I am pretty much over the whole party planning process.

I put in a lot of effort planning a party so after my second one, I feel a little wiped.  I do enjoy the process but the last party always just seems like extra work.   And I am always relieved when it is over.  My poor son, who is the last to have his birthday party!

I definitely don't want him to feel left off the party train so I make as much of an effort as I can for his party as I did for the first 3.  But I still feel like by the time his party rolls around, my guests are about partied out.

So this year, for his party, I decided to make it a school friends party and invite a few different people.  Doing this, I am hoping the fresh blood brings fresh life to his party and he can finally feel like his party isn't just the last one but maybe the first.

I have a lot planned and I hope my plans can come to fruition.  He wants a dinosaur themed party so I will be inviting his friends and classmates to Jurassic World for a day of fun and dinosaur digging and hunting.    Now, it's time for me to get planning.

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