Saturday, September 10, 2016

So Much To Buy

This re-decorating thing is fun but boy does it take a lot of moolah!  I love seeing the transformation of each room as I add or take away items, it gives me so much joy.  But my list of items to get for the home keeps getting bigger and my budget just stays the same.

For instance, I really want (or maybe I need) a new trash can for the kitchen.  A nicer one than what we have, preferable stainless steel with a foot lift for the lid but I'll take black with a swinging top (as it is cheaper).  Tell me why it has taken me so long to buy this one item....because I always find that I have to get something else more pertinent and so the trash can keeps getting put on hold.

I want really nice curtains for the living room.  Again, not a need but it would spruce up the space so nicely.  But again, that gets pushed to the back burner.  Same as a new knife block (although I have been looking for the perfect one for my kitchen to no avail, so that's what that is).

I did finally get an area rug for the living room.  FINALLY!  But I am thinking I want a bigger, better one.  The one I got works but it's not quite perfect, as much as I love the color and pattern.  But it will do for now.

I really want a drawer unit or some kind of shelving unit for under the counter in my kitchen but that again will have to wait.  I need to find one I like that is the right price, but I have not really looked as hard as I could.  I also want to get a small bedside table or shelf unit for the bedroom.  Again, have not looked as hard as I could, so that is something else I need to get on with.

And the list goes on and on and on.  And on top of all these homewares and home goods items, I still have my regular list of items to get.  Things for the kids, things for me, things in general.  Sometimes I just wish I had a never ending wallet full of cash.  Now that is the dream.  That would be nice to have.

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