Sunday, September 25, 2016

Top FIVE Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean!!!!!

These are things I do on a regular day to day basis to keep my house clean on the daily.  Just a few quick and easy things to do to keep your home tidy.

1)  Make your bed first thing in the morning.  Maybe not as soon as you get up, if you have to start running as soon as your feet hit the ground.  But making your bed or beds first thing in the am helps put you on the right track for a tidy home throughout the day.  A made bed magically makes a room look picked up and tidy and it can be a starting point from there for the other things you can do to keep your house clean.

2)  Clean the kitchen.  Not a real deep clean, just a quick clean to get you off on the right start for the rest of the day.  Clean off all the counters, wipe down any dirty appliances and put away any 'stray items' where they truly belong, then wash any dishes left in the sink from the night before (although I HATE a dirty sink first thing in the morning so I always tidy my kitchen at night before bed... which in my opinion would be the best thing to do to get you on the right path in the mornings.  Plus you don't have to deal with a sink full of dirty dishes as soon as you get up).  A clean kitchen just puts you in the right spirits to start the day.  Another thing I like to do is empty the dish-rack (or dishwasher if that applies better), to make room for all the newly washed dishes throughout the day.

3)  Sweep (or vacuum) your floors.  You may not want to mop your floors every single day (I sure as heck don't), but I sweep every single day, two sometimes three times a day.  My kids come in and out with their shoes all day everyday, so it just makes me feel better to have my floors swept daily.  The main areas need sweeping a few times throughout the day, especially after each meal.  If you have kids, you know food gets everywhere when they eat besides in their mouths, so the kitchen, dining and living areas get thoroughly swept many times a day.  I also like to do a once over sweep before bed to get any last minute dirt from the day.  That way,  I wake up to a fresh floor that takes no time to sweep first thing in the AM.

4)  Do a load of laundry at least once every OTHER day.  There are 7 days in the week.  Do a load 4 times a week so you stay on top of the wash.  We are a family of 6, so clothes tend to pile up quickly.  If I want to stay on top it, I am doing something related to laundry every single day. Now, I am not necessarily washing a load of laundry everyday but I am usually sorting, drying, folding or putting away laundry on a daily basis.  It's just my life if I don't want to spend an entire day doing laundry; not to mention putting away all those massive piles of clothes when you're done.  No thanks!  I like to fold and put away laundry as soon as it is in my laundry basket, at the latest at least the next day if I don't have to wash another load.  If I get lazy and let the clothes sit for days I just get so behind and then that leads to other pile ups in the other areas in my house.

5)  And my last and final tip, but a HUGE one is try to wipe down your bathrooms on a daily basis.  You have kids?  Then you know how important this is.  I hate a stanky stink bathroom.  I live with 4 boys.  When it comes to bathrooms, I tend to have to stay on top of the kids' bathroom the most. There are 4 kids, three of them boys.  That bathroom needs a quick wipe down several times a day, so I spray and wipe down the sink area and the toilets and then quickly scrub the inside as well.  Boys tend to miss, ALOT, hence the importance of the daily toilet wipe down.  In doing this one task everyday, it helps me speed through bathroom cleaning when I have to my deep clean because essentially the toilets and sink are pretty spic and span to begin with.

I hope these tips helped in some way and you can implement them in your own home.  These are for sure things I do in my own home to help with keeping it clean and tidy everyday.  I am kind of a clean freak so it would bug me if even one thing was out of place or untidy.  Daily tasks like these help to keep me on track and with a sound mind because a messy house would drive me INSANE! Plus, if you have kids, enlist their help.  If they are able, have them clean up after themselves and you can even assign simple chores for them to do.  I started having my kids take turns once a week to dust furniture and help to water the plants.  And they also wipe down the sinks after they brush.  The little things count and add to the bigger picture.

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