Friday, September 16, 2016

Losing Weight and feeling Great

It has been a few months now since I started a modified diet, sort of a lifestyle change of sorts to lose the "baby weight", and the change has been tremendous.

Not only did I lose the baby fat, but now I feel confident and look great AND all my clothes now fit. I was so adamant about not buying new clothes to fit my expanded frame.  I flat out refused to get a new wardrobe to clothe a body I was not happy with.  By all accounts, I wasn't all that bad.  Yes, I was a bit overweight but by the looks of it, I didn't appear to be fat.  But I know my body and I knew what I should look like and how I wanted feel.

Losing the weight at first was a trial as for the first 2 years of my baby's life, I was just too lazy to even try.  Now I am happy to report, I have finally reached a goal of mine and I hope to stick with it. I am trying not to go overboard.  I tend to do that with things like losing weight and exercise.  I have not implemented an exercise routine as yet because I am trying not to lose too much weight, which has happened to me before.  It becomes too hard to maintain such drastic weight loss for me.  So I go off of how I feel, how I look and how my clothes fit.  And since all my clothes, my jeans, and dresses fit me wonderfully now, I am happy.  I won't even weigh myself as I can get into a mindset of "just 5 more pounds" and that becomes an obsession.

So I am losing weight and feeling amazing.  And I hope to keep it off this time.  I do allow myself a few treats here and then as I don't believe in diets that deprive.  But everything in moderation.  And I am loving the new me (my new body I should say).

I guess my next step is to find an exercise routine that works for me.  I want to start running again, maybe 2x a week to start.  But what I really want to do is try to join a dance class.  Dance is a passion of mine and I would love to take a class once a week (even though I am not a fan of regimented classes).  But I know it's something I would be good at and something I would love.  I am going to look into that for the new year to give myself time to get used to my new body and lifestyle.  For now, I'll continue eating and snacking less and walking on occasions as that is what has been working for me so far.  Not sure if I want to lose any more weight but I am happy just as I am right now and I want to stay this way (toning up a few areas here and there).

I want to wish all you moms out there (and non-mommies too) the best of luck in YOUR weight loss journey and just as much success with your progress.

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