Sunday, October 11, 2020

Getting Ready For The Holiday Season

 It has been a very odd year, 2020, with so much negativity and sadness. It's no wonder everyone is ready to call it quits for the  year. We all need a little cheer and happiness and nothing brings the world together like the holidays. 

The holiday season is more than just an act, it is a feeling. There is more to celebrate which puts people in a good mood. Not to mention every where just looks so festive all the time. From Halloween and Fall to Thanksgiving and Christmas, there seems to be so much to be happy about. 

In saying  that, I decided that I am going all out with Christmas this year. I bought a new tree and some new decor and cannot wait to decorate. If 2020 is the year of bad news, this will be the season of renewed hope. Let the festivities begin.

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