Saturday, October 31, 2020

Another low key Halloween

 It was back to the basics for us this Halloween and a throwback to how we used to celebrate the holiday. Now, I know Halloween techically isn't even an official holiday. You don't get a day off and there is no time and a half. However, it is hands down one of the best days of the year. When else can you dress up as someone else, be someone else and get free stuff? Yes, you get candy at Easter and on Valentines Day. But if you ask me, Halloween is a genius idea and much deserving of the holiday title. It is definitely the most fun one can have in a night, either being silly, scary or just plain weird for the heck of it.

So back on topic, in years past, as Costa Rica got more on board with Halloween celebrations, we would always partake. Trick or treating at the mall dressed in costume is our favorite Halloween activity to do every year. And we always have a blast not to mention a ton of candy.

This year, things are different and so we decided to stay home and celebrate in our own way. It was super simple and very low key. So to kick off our celebration, we ordered some yummy food and then had a candy hunt. It was the closest the kids would come to trick or treating this year. Then to turn things up a notch, we watched a few Halloween movies. Nothing scary though so it was all very family friendly. 

I really could have done more, like play a few games with the kids or plan a few craft activities but I honestly just didn't want to stress myself out by doing too much. Knowing me, especially when it comes to celebrations, I always want to do the most which can be my downfall. So even though it wasn't the sort of celebration we've gotten use to, it was nice to spend the day with family doing what we love, having our own kind of fun.

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