Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pre-Nursery Tour

I've been watching tons of baby related videos on You Tube lately and one of the videos I love to watch are the nursery tour videos.  So I thought "what a cool idea, I can do that".  And so I did.  I made a video of what the nursery for Baby A looks like at the present moment.  The video is not the best quality for some reason and there was a lot of background noise with the dog barking and my kids being, well, kids.  But I wanted to share it anyway.  I will do an updated nursery tour once the nursery is complete, which I am hoping will be before baby gets here.  Anyway, enjoy.

Oh and disclaimer:  sorry for the way I sound.  My voice sounds so different on video than it does in real life to my own ear.  And my breathlessness is due to being so pregnant.

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