Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shower Update

We finally set a date for the baby shower and invitations are made and ready to be sent (handed) out.  I made the invitations per mother in laws request.  I wasn't really wanting to do it but I figured since she was so gracious enough to offer to host a shower for me, the least I could do is print up a few invites for her.  It is MY shower after all.

So the shower is in about 2 weeks or so (give or take a couple of days).  I asked mother in law not to invite too many people and luckily she isn't one for large events, so it will be a small baby shower, which is what I wanted.  I am excited about the shower and am looking forward to it, as I know it will be a day filled with joy.  I know it is my 4th baby BUT people WANT to celebrate the impending birth with me so why not let them.

The invitations came out too cute and I'll have to post a picture once I take one.  As for the rest of the deets: mother in law and sister in law will be handling those.  I might help with decor and favors but my participation is limited to being there and opening gifts.  Thankfully.

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