Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Baby Shower

The baby shower was a HUGE success.  OMG.  My mother in law really went above and beyond and outdid herself as did her friend, who helped her host it.  They did everything...cooked the food, invited people for the most part, served and hosted our guests, etc.  It was amazing and everyone had fun.  We had great food: there was rice with chicken, picadillo with tortillas, salad, sweet snacks, coffee, tea, and cheesecake!

We didn't play any games, just ate, socialized and had a good time.  We did have a prayer session to kick things off (mainly a prayer for the health of the baby and the continued success of our family).  I loved that.  I got a chance to catch up with some friends and family I hadn't seen in a while, some since I got pregnant. There were about 30 adults and more than 11 kids, so over 40 people total.  I was not expecting anything that big.  And even though I was nervous about the shower and being center of attention, everything went perfectly.  I loved all my gifts.  I could not have asked for a better shower and the love and support I felt was truly a blessing.  Just amazing even that some of the guests were my mother in law's friends that didn't really know me that well and still came out to celebrate my pregnancy with me.  I felt so loved.

I wanted to do a video to document all the gifts I got... similar to the You Tube videos I've been watching. So enjoy.  I will have to post actual pictures of the event another time.

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